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AddOrange County Choppers to build hybrid motorcycle

Following custom motorcycles that run on ethanol, compressed natural gas and electricity, Orange County Choppers has signed a deal with Schneider Electric to produce the Toyota Prius of choppers. That's right, OCC is completing the eco-friendly circle by going hybrid. The stated goal is to build a motorcycle "capable of traveling farther, without refueling or recharging, than any other OCC bike in history," said Paul Teutul, Sr. in a statement. We can't imagine that would be all that difficult,

AddGreen County Choppers? OCC creates custom electric chopper

Click above to watch the video after the break

AddVIDEO: Orange County Choppers builds custom motorcycle powered by natural gas

Orange County Choppers natural gas-powered motorcycle - Click above to watch a video after the break

AddOrange County Choppers to build an E85 bike for The Iowa Farm Bureau

Paul Sr: "Pauly, I swear, if you knew half as much about biodiesel as you think you do, we wouldn't be screwing around with your corny ethanol bike."

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