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    Study: Yellow, orange surprise as best paint colors for car resale value

    It might be worth choosing a color other than the standard black or silver next time you're car shopping. A new study conducted by the used car search engine of over 20 million previously owned vehicles last year finds that less popular shades lead to lower price depreciation than ...

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    Official: Lexus fans vote Solar Flare for new RC F hue

    What's in a name? When it comes to model nameplates, quite a lot, and automakers go to considerable lengths to find just the right one. Same goes for the names of the colors in the catalog (save for maybe the Rape Yellow in the extensive Bugatti palette), but every once in a while, an automaker ...

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    Paris: Espera Sbarro Eight Concept is the best student project car in history

    Here's a showstopper. Tucked away in a corner of the Fourth Pavilion here at the 2012 Paris Motor Show was this carbon fiber hot rod from the Espera Sbarro Montbéliard School of Design. Known simply as the Eight, cribbed from the Maserati-sourced V8 engine, this machine was reportedly ...

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    Pulp Fiction: Zolfe Orange comes back from the drawing board

    Click above to view the Zolfe Orange in high resolution
    Britain has a rich heritage in niche sportscars, but unfortunately for American customers, few of them end up making it over to the Colonies. The oddly-named Zolfe Orange, however, stands as a unique exception. We first reported on the Zolfe ...

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    LA 2007: 1936 Mercedes-Benz 290 Roadster Special

    Click on the image above to view in high-resolution The SLR wasn't the only attention-grabbing roadster Daimler-Benz had on display at this year's LA show. Sitting front and center in between all the latest machinery from Mercedes was this unique classic, the 290 Special Roadster. On loan from the ...

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    Kumho obviates need for scented tree air fresheners with new tires

    In a story that seems to resurface every so often, Kumho is apparently ready to introduce the scented tires we first reported on back in 2005. The new Kumho Ecsta DX series is available in three different sizes and is engineered to smell like lavender instead of rubber. Later on, orange and jasmine ...

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    Vitamin-C shot: Zolfe Orange supercar on sale next week

    We remember reading about the Zolfe Orange last year and we were absolutely smitten with the possibility of it coming into production. Now, we've gotten word that the British startup will begin selling the 'Busa-powered super-coupe next week.Aside from being TVR-esque and undoubtedly orange, the ...

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    VIDEO: What are those flying Dutchmen doing to that Ferrari?

    If you're a regular reader here at Autoblog, you'll know that we like aftermarket tuners, and regularly cover some of their finest efforts. Tuners give enthusiasts and buyers a broader range of customizable options than the factory could possibly envision, allowing us to express our ...


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