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orange county choppers

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    American Chopper takes on Art and Science with Cadillac CTS-V build [w/poll]

    Paul One and Paul Two each took a shot at marrying Cadillac's edgy and modern Art and Science design philosophy for a recent series of episodes from the long-running American Chopper television program. While it's generally accepted by motorcycle fans that the show is really all about the drama ...

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    Orange County Choppers facing foreclosure?

    Drama. It's what the television show American Chopper has always been built upon, much more so than any of its so-called 'theme bikes.' And drama is exactly what's been unfolding over the last few years as both Orange County Choppers and its hit TV show have undergone a number of important ...

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    Resume Chopping: TLC bringing back American Chopper, pitting family as foes

    TLC, which in this case rather ironically stands for The Learning Channel, will once again be teaching us all what's it's like to live in a truly dysfunctional family. No, we're not talking about Jon and Kate, we're talking choppers. American Chopper, that is. Unlike before, when the reality ...

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    End of the Road: American Chopper chopped, fat lady sings

    It's been a long time coming, but celebrity gossip site TMZ reports that American Chopper has finally been canceled. A spokesperson for TLC, which picked the show up after its first few years on The Discovery Channel, said, "The Teutuls will always be a part of the Discovery family and we ...

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    Completing the Green Circle: Orange County Choppers to build hybrid motorcycle

    Following custom motorcycles that run on ethanol, compressed natural gas and electricity, Orange County Choppers has signed a deal with Schneider Electric to produce the Toyota Prius of choppers. That's right, OCC is completing the eco-friendly circle by going hybrid. The stated goal is to build ...

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    Green County Choppers? OCC creates custom electric chopper

    Click above to watch the video after the break
    Following Orange County Choppers' frequent use of alt-fuels (see E85 bike and natural gas bike) comes something a wee bit different from what we're used to seeing from the New York-based custom motorcycle crew: a fully electric chopper. Commissioned ...

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    Paul Teutul Sr. from Orange County Choppers launches Ducati dealership

    American Chopper fans were surely shocked as the latest season kicked off with the apparent firing of Paul Teutel Jr., but that's not the only surprise in store for the long-running reality television series this year. It seems the Teutuls have more on their cycling minds than just screaming ...

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    Vinnie and Cody from OCC create their own custom bike company

    Where did Vinnie go? Ever since the American Chopper episode where it was revealed that Vincent DiMartino was leaving for greener pastures and new opportunities, fans of the show have wondered what he was up to. The answer is that he's still building custom motorcycles, just for his own company: ...

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    OCC introduces two new production bikes, including first bagger

    click above for more pics of OCC's new production bike Despite the fact that the Orange County Choppers television show has been on for years now and the shop's top mechanic, Vinnie, has left for good, the public still loves the Teutels. No matter what you may think of their theme bikes, there's ...

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    Way Corny: OCC unveils E85 chopper

    click above image to view more pics of OC's E85 ChopperAs the saying goes, "When in Rome, do as the Romans do." So when the Orange County Chopper crew was asked to come to Iowa and build a custom bike to help out Join the Ride Iowa, the result was understandably corny. The first things you'll ...

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    2007 Barrett-Jackson, Scottsdale: Hemi Charger and OC Chopper set sells at $235,000

    Click on the image for a gallery of high-res images of these vehiclesOrange County Choppers Teutul family didn't come to Scottsdale empty handed. They brought six vehicles to Barrett-Jackson that conveniently fit into this year's "pairs" category. Elsewhere we talk about the Corvette/Chopper pair ...

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    2007 Barrett-Jackson, Scottsdale: OCC Eleanor Mustangs Bring $210/$235K

    Click on the image for a regrettably meager gallery of high-res images of these vehiclesLike the Teutuls but not into MOPAR or Chevy? Up for some fierce Fords? On a 2004 American Chopper episode, OCC built a bike for Unique Performance and Carroll Shelby that mimicked the styling of the "Eleanor" ...

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    2007 Barrett-Jackson, Scottsdale: Corvette and OC Chopper Sold at $160,000

    Click on the image for a gallery of high-res images of these vehiclesSaturday, before the action waned in Scottsdale, the well-known Teutul family of Orange County Choppers fame parted with a total of six vehicles. Our man Frank was there and sent in this report.First up was a rare 1968 Charger ...


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