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    Official: Buick shows off new Ultra Luxury Interior for LaCrosse

    The options sheet of the 2014 Buick LaCrosse gets all kinds of fancy with the addition of the Ultra Luxury Interior. Pointing its Tri-Shield logo at the world of haute luxury, the cabin treatment combines sangria leather with ebony accents, shadow tamo ash wood trim and a microsuede headliner to ...

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    Mercedes adjusting GLK model mix, options list to kickstart sales?

    2010 Mercedes-Benz GLK - Click above for a high-res gallery of images
    Mercedes-Benz plotted the sales course of its distinctively-styled GLK crossover last summer, back when there were still a lot of people ordering their new rides with all available options. With that in mind, they shipped ...

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    Automakers limiting options to reduce costs

    With sales at a 26-year low, the Detroit 3 are trying almost anything to reduce costs and make more money from the cars they are selling. One of the biggest changes coming apes what some of the more successful Japanese makers have done all along: offering fewer configurations of their models. If ...

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    2010 Toyota Corolla, Matrix get standard stability and traction control

    It's not every day that you get more for the same money. Yet that's what Toyota is offering with the 2010 Corolla, which will come with traction control and vehicle stability control and no price increase over the outgoing model. The MSRP of that car remains $15,350 for the base model 5-speed ...

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    Ford slashing F-150 customization by 90 percent

    Click on the pic above for our high-res 2009 Ford F-150 galleryAs staggering as it may seem, the 2008 Ford F-150 pickup can be ordered in billions of different combinations. That's all going to change for 2009. In an effort to reduce complexity and cut spiraling costs in the process, Ford will be ...

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    Carmakers reducing options, saving money

    If you're in the market for a Focus sedan, the question is, exactly what kind of Focus will you buy? According to Ford's option sheets, there are 100,000 different combinations you can create. Eighty percent of Focus sedan sales, however, are comprises of just 4,000 of those combos. This glut of ...

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    Ford nixes "equipment combinations" on 2009 models

    Part of Ford's revised business strategy is to make it easier for both dealers and consumers to get a hold of the vehicles they want. As such, Ford is implementing a plan that will reduce the number of options on its models so buyers aren't overwhelmed with choices and dealerships can stock up on ...

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    Ford tries simply offering what people want

    At the prodding of Alan Mulally, Ford Motor Co. is relenting and giving its customers what they want. At least most of them. What Ford's up to is reducing the number of options for buyers to choose from and rolling all that goodness into the standard package. By reducing the number of possible ...

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    Time Waster of the Day: Maserati GranTurismo configurator

    This is how this writer would take his GranTurismo... how would you like yours? Oh, how these fancy online car configurators are fun. And time-sapping. The Veyron's, as you may recall, is stylish and serene, but even with the new options coming out there's still not a lot to chose from, two-tone ...

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    Pretty Colors: Bugatti offers new rims n' trims for Veyron

    Let's admit it: playing around with the customizing tools for cars you never intend to buy is fun. Although the Veyron's is one of the nicer ones we've tinkered around with, the lack of choices gets boring pretty quick, two-tone paint schemes notwithstanding. Fortunately the good folks at Bugatti ...


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