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2Pay With PlugShare could make charging an EV even easier

As easy as recharging an electric car is, we admit it's not hassle free - and we're not even talking about those somewhat annoying wires that will be alleviated when wireless charging gets more common. No, the issue at hand is the variety of charging station company networks and the need, in some cases, to have prepaid accounts or subscriptions to refuel your car. Not the end of the world, we grant you, but still a feature that could be improved upon. Enter Pay With Plugshare.

7Open Charge Alliance says subscription-based EV charging is too frustrating

You don't need a membership to fill your fossil-fuel-powered car at a gas station, so it is kind of odd that you need to belong to a particular club to juice up at some EV charging stations. The Open Charge Alliance (OCA) went public today with the message that plug-in vehicle drivers deserve better.

1POD Point expanding electric vehicle charging options in Scandanavia

There must be something about Scandinavia that makes people think about electric cars. Last year, for example, the UK-based EV charging station company Pod Point found that, out of the all the 400-plus public chargers in London, the most popular was at the local IKEA store. And, of course, Think was originally a Norwegian company and, for a while, built cars in Finland. Today Pod Point announced a plan to expand throughout Scandinavia with "a series of strategic partnerships with energy and elec

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