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opel corsa

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    Official: Opel launches new Corsa hatchback [w/videos]

    Though its brand portfolio may have shrunk in recent years with the loss of Oldsmobile, Saturn, Pontiac and Hummer, General Motors still sells its wares around the world under a wide array of brands: Chevy, Buick, Cadillac and GMC in its home market, Holden in Australia, and a whole mess of ...

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    Report: Opel execs wonder how recent GM moves will alter their business

    The ship called Opel has been heaving through a storm, non-stop, for more than a decade. The aborted sale in 2009 when General Motors decided it could do better than potential buyers only led to estimates of up to $20 billion in costs to GM, more years of turnaround plans, retreat from global ...

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    Video: If you seek humor, tear down this wall (with an Opel Corsa)

    Is there any higher form of comedy than Eastern Europeans doing stupid things with cars? This latest YouTube stunner features the usual stock characters: A guy wearing track pants, his cheap 15-year-old hatchback, and an audience egging him on. We'll not give away the entire plot, but it involves ...

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    Report: GM to bring compact Opel back to America?

    Think of German automakers and you're likely to conjure up names like Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Volkswagen, Porsche and Audi. Those are the ones we get on this side of the Atlantic. In their home market, they are joined, most notably, by Opel. The reason we don't get that brand in the States is ...

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    Opel channels the Nürburgring for its hottest-ever Corsa

    Between the New York Auto Show, the Shanghai Motor Show and Top Marques Monaco, there's a major motor expo happening on each of three continents. But the latest model you see here wasn't unveiled at any one of them. What you're looking at is the hottest hatch to come from Opel. It's called the ...

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    Opel releases updated Corsa in Europe

    Opel Corsa – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Some new vehicle launches come as a surprise, while others are expected well in advance. After Fiat released the updated Punto Evo, it was only a matter of time until Opel did the same with its Corsa. Why is that, you ask? Because the ...

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    Bumblebee's European Cousin: Opel Corsa Color Race [w/video]

    Opel Corsa Color Race – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Opel's future may still be a little uncertain, so they're kicking it old school with a new special edition of their Corsa super-mini. Called the Color Race, the appearance package harkens back to the '60s-era Opel Rallye ...

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    GM announces plans to build new small car in U.S. - but which one will it be?

    2010 Chevy Spark - Click above for a hi-res image gallery
    General Motors has issued a cryptic press release suggesting it plans to retool an existing plant here in the United States to build a new small car. No specifics are given on what small car this may be, as the missive only says that the ...

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    Tuner Tuesday: Steinmetz tweaks the Opel Corsa OPC

    Click above for a gallery of the Steinmetz Corsa OPCThe Opel Corsa is small, cool, and like most other neat U.S.-automaker Euro offerings, unavailable to us -- at least for now. As good as the current car would look wearing Saturn badges and slotted beneath the Astra, we'll have to wait a good ...

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    Leipzig 2008: Opel Corsa Limited Edition unveiled

    Click above for a gallery of the Opel Corsa Limited Edition.In celebration of the 10-millionth Opel Corsa, Russelheim has unveiled the Corsa Limited Edition to the public at the Leipzig Motor Show. Carrying Ecotec power displacing 1.2- or 1.4-liters and pushing 80 and 90 horsepower, respectively, ...

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    We'll always have Paris: Saturn considers what Lutz already confirmed

    Bloomberg's Greg Bensinger penned an article Friday that's getting some play on the web. In it, he spoke to Saturn's product development director, Lisa Hutchinson, who said that the Saturn division is indeed considering the addition of the Corsa subcompact to the lineup. Hutchinson doesn't attach a ...

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    VIDEO: Opel Corsa OPC hits the 'Ring

    As we told you back in January, there's a new Opel/Vauxhall Corsa OPC overseas that's attractive, fun and athletic to boot. For now it remains the exclusive property of our friends in Europe, but with GM stating that Opel will essentially equal Saturn by 2014, and Bob Lutz telling us we should see ...

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    Tuner Tuesdays: Opel Corsa by Irmscher

    Click to enlargeIrmscher, the German tuning firm, has released its first set of accessories for the new Opel Corsa. Sporty right out of the factory, the Irmscher mods inject some additional visual flair into GM Europe's new subcompact. The available bits include a chrome-trimmed grille, two ...


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