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    Google plays the field, adds Maps to OnStar

    Google, a company so large that it's become both a noun and a verb, is spreading the goodness of its Google Maps programming even further into the automotive realm with the announcement that it's now being incorporated into General Motors' OnStar eNav technology. Perhaps you'll recall that Ford ...

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    SYNC upgraded with GPS location tracking for 911 Assist

    Ford has just added a helpful new function to its 911 Assist SYNC app. Emergency services can now easily locate distressed motorists via a vehicle's GPS coordinates and call for assistance, thereby diminishing response times. Ford says that the service is completely free, and will show up on 2011 ...

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    The Next Big Debate: Hardware or software?

    More tech in your car? Oh, that's inevitable. But automakers are trying to figure out the best way to implement it. There are two main architectures currently; tethered and embedded. Ford's SYNC is an example of a tethered tech-integration system that uses Bluetooth to connect to mobile devices ...

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    OnStar taps Google Maps for Chevy Volt navigation

    Back in January, General Motors announced that OnStar would release a smartphone app to be used in conjunction with the 2011 Chevrolet Volt. The app allows owners to keep track of charge status, remotely lock and unlock the vehicle, along with providing diagnostic reports and a host of other ...

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    OnStar relaunching this summer with mystery technology partner

    It sounds like General Motors has big plans for OnStar. While speaking with CNN Money, Chris Preuss, head of the telematics service, said that the company is looking to add a number of functions to make the service more usable by customers. That could include tricks like app integration that ...

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    Onstar, Nano and Enertia win 2010 Edison awards [w/video]

    The 2010 Edison awards were announced last week and General Motors, Tata and Brammo were all winners for transportation related innovations. GM received a silver Edison award for one of the most useful new features added to its Onstar telematics system last year: the stolen vehicle slowdown that ...

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    Despite split from GM, Saab to continue with OnStar?

    It was never in question that Spyker and General Motors were going to remain BFFs after the Saab sale. Yet one of the things they will continue to share is a little surprising to us: OnStar. Spyker will continue to install Onstar in U.S.-market Saabs for an undisclosed amount of time. Nothing ...

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    Hughes Telematics takes us for a ride with Mercedes' latest mbrace tech, demonstrates 'OnStar in a box' [w/video]

    Click above to watch video after the jump
    You may not have heard of Hughes Telematics before, but this offshoot of the great Hughes empire provides the tech that, amongst other things, powers Mercedes' latest mbrace technology, Benz's response to OnStar. But that's not all they do; the company is ...

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    GM and OnStar unveil Volt mobile apps, we try them out [w/videos]

    It's time for the Consumer Electronics Show and so it's also time for the techiest cars on the road (and those which haven't quite made it there yet) to strut their stuff. General Motors and OnStar took a little time last night to show off the Volt mobile apps that will launch with the car, which ...

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    VIDEO: Gag Me With a Yule Log - GM allows kids to track Santa Claus via Onstar

    Santa pays a visit to OnStar -- Click above to view the video after the jump
    OnStar has provided nothing but good press lately for General Motors, and the automaker is going to ride that pony all the way to the finish. The next person in line to take advantage of OnStar's benefits is that Arctic ...

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    VIDEO: TN Senator Corker's daughter carjacked, suspects apprehended via OnStar

    Senator Corker praises OnStar -- Click above to watch the video
    Tennessee Senator Bob Corker had this opinion of OnStar a month ago: "Each month I get the bill for OnStar and [I think], 'I don't want to pay this again.'" Then his daughter Julia was carjacked in Washington D.C. last week driving ...

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    BREAKING: Hyundai developing competitor for OnStar, Sync... but new system needs a name

    Hyundai Equus – Click above for high-res image gallery
    As part of its product and marketing development process, Hyundai has reached out to owners and enthusiasts to create a network of consumers with which to discuss everything from future models and technologies to advertising tactics, ...

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    VIDEO: OnStar calls Hennessey after tuned CTS-V pulls .99 g

    The 700-hp Hennessy CTS-V meets OnStar -- Click above to watch video
    On its way to doing the 1/4-mile in 11.07 seconds at 128 mph, a Hennessy-tuned 700-horsepower Cadillac CTS-V hit .99 longitudinal G as it left the start line. By the end of the run the phone inside the car was ringing, and it ...

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    OnStar prevents its first high-speed chase

    We were wondering how long it would take before OnStar's Stolen Vehicle Slowdown service was used to prevent a high speed chase. Though announced nearly two years ago, the service that allows OnStar to remotely disable a vehicle's gas pedal is still not yet available on all GM models – for ...

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    REPORT: Ford could have problems with SYNC patents

    At first, Ford's SYNC wasn't much more than a way for drivers to access music on their MP3 players through their car's radio. But SYNC grew up and, in its last update, gained the ability to summon help in an emergency, access navigation and information services and, basically, match GM's ...

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    OnStar not for sale, expanding into China

    Profitable, and with 5.5 million subscribers under its belt, GM's OnStar vehicle telematics system is not for sale, according to a top General Motors executive. "At this point, OnStar is firmly a part of the new GM and is an integral part of GM's future strategy," reports Chet Huber, the outgoing ...

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    OnStar announces Remote Ignition Block for stolen vehicles

    OnStar already has anti-theft features like Stolen Vehicle Slowdown to fight back when your General Motors vehicle has been ripped off. Beefing up the arsenal, OnStar has a new trick: Remote Ignition Block. When an OnStar subscriber reports a vehicle stolen and authorities confirm, Remote Ignition ...

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    OnStar getting upgrade for pinpoint accuracy in emergencies

    In the event of a crash, vehicle sensors gather up information and connects an OnStar adviser to a vehicle. OnStar can then contact emergency services and provide information regarding the severity of the crash, with information about airbags deployed and type of impact. In the past, OnStar ...

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    Rumormill: OnStar to add hands-free Twitter functionality?

    General Motors' OnStar in-car communications system can give you directions or help you make a phone call, and soon it may also be able to send and receive Tweets. Gear Live recently received a survey from the General announcing that Twitter functionality could soon be on the way. With a press of a ...

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    OnStar for everyone! GM offering service to other automakers

    GM is out to win hearts and minds, one OnStar-equipped vehicle at a time. The General is talking to other carmakers about offering OnStar, which would be a return to previous practice. The service was linked with six other brands in the past, including Audi, Acura, and Lexus, but the ties were cut ...


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