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    Rendered Speculation: Aston Martin One-77 Volante

    What's better than a seven-figure supercar with 700 horsepower? How about a seven-figure roadster with 700 horsepower? Well, that may be a matter of personal opinion, but Aston Martin never shies away from the subject, churning out open-top versions of most of its range. Along with the Rapide, ...

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    Autoblog Podcast #125

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    We're up to a buck and a quarter, and Episode #125 of the Autoblog Podcast is nearly a half-hour of value. Chris, Sam, and Dan jump in and cover a slew of recent topics. To start, Sam recounts his recent drive in a Cruze-based ...

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    Second Aston Martin One-77 teaser video rises from the mist

    Laced with shadowy images of details of the upcoming Aston Martin One-77, the company has released their second video teaser for the new supercar. Comparing it to the company's legendary limited production DB4GT Zagato, the One-77 is said to be the "Embodiment of Aston Martin." AM tell us it should ...

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    Rendered Speculation: Another guess at Aston Martin's One-77

    Click to view in high resolution It's not every day that a new supercar is announced. But those are the good days, and for when they roll around, Jon Sibal is ready. The gifted illustrator who has already brought us renderings of the upcoming Mercedes SLR McLaren Speedster and a race-prepped Lexus ...


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