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    First Drive: 2011 Bentley Continental GT

    The Velvet Saber Gets a Comprehensive Sharpening

    2011 Bentley Continental GT – Click above for high-res image gallery
    When tasked with creating the 2011 Continental GT, Bentley officials sought the assistance of those who knew the outgoing car best – its owners. Upon querying ...

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    Ferrari Enzo in taxi livery found where else? The Middle East...

    Click above for a larger image of the Enzo cab
    This little gem in Muscat, Oman represents what you do when you have bodacious sums of money and time. Now we're all for having a little fun, but we're talking about an Enzo, which, while not the prettiest of Ferraris, still doesn't deserve to endure ...

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    Spy Shots: Toyota Land Cruiser

    It's times like these that we really get excited about our readership. Whether it's a longtime gearhead in Seattle, an industry mogul in Detroit or a twelve-year-old whose four-wheeled obsession has just begun, we know that you're out there and that you'll never, ever, let us down.This fact was ...


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