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oil prices

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    Is $200/barrel oil around the corner?

    After months of outrageous oil price spikes, we realize that the shock value of $100 to $105/barrel is fading fast, so we're going to skip ahead to $200/barrel. The finance wizards at Goldman Sachs have raised their outlook for 2008-2012 oil prices by $15 to a high end of $135 per barrel, but a ...

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    Will peak oil trigger Mad Max society?

    According to a study by the Energy Watch Group (EWG), all of you Mad Max fans out there might get the chance to live the movie if oil production continues to decline. The oil industry believes Earth's oil reserves can last about another 42 years at current pumping rates. Energy Watch, basing its ...

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    National gas price average to hit $3.50? Wanna bet?

    var digg_url = ''; Someone was asking the other day if trading their gas-hungry Mustang for a hybrid Civic was a good idea. Essentially what they wanted to do was wager gas prices were not going down any time soon and could ...

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    We can't all make $39.4 billion: Chevron earns only $3.77 billion last quarter

    The nation's No. 2 oil producer Chevron had a "disappointing" 4th quarter, earning only $3.77 billion dollars in the closing months of 2006. You may be thinking that $3.77 billion can't be all that bad, but No. 1 oil producer ExxonMobil ended the same quarter with $10.25 billion in profits, nearly ...

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    How gas prices work

    We're certain that we're not the only ones that shake our heads in disgust when we roll by a gas station (and bow our heads in shame when we actually have to fill up). With the price of gas starting to come down, we certainly all are a little puzzled about what influences fuel prices. ...

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    BREAKING! BP shuts down pipeline, gas prices on the way up

    An already fragile U.S. oil supply was dealt a severe blow on Sunday, when BP Plc commenced shutting down the biggest oilfield in the U.S., Alaska's Prudhoe Bay, which produces 400,000 barrels a day.The shutdown was driven by discoveries of severe corrosion in oil pipelines servicing the BP ...

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    States to drop gas taxes?

    With gas prices rising politicians in states like Maryland, South Caroloina, Connecticut, Georgia, New York and Nevada are considering reducing or even eliminating their state's gas taxes to ease the burden on the average citizen. This seems to us like a shortsighted solution designed more to curry ...

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    First Fuel Banks lets you hedge against rising gas prices

    Companies doing business overseas have hedged against currency fluctuations for years - but now First Fuel Banks offer a way for drivers to do the same for rising gas prices.In a simple version of hedging, First Fuel lets buyers prepay for their future gas, locking it in at today's prices. If you ...

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    "Hold the anchovies": Rising gas prices increasing costs for service industries

    Every driver  is feeling the pinch at the pump these days, but the skyrocketing cost of gasoline is affecting more than just your commuting habits. Ordering out for pizza? You might want to reconsider the pepperoni. Having flowers delivered to your sweetie? Might want to switch the roses for ...

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    White House seeks to increase average fuel economy requirements

    President George Bush may look to Congress for authority to alter the Corporate Average Fuel Efficiency (CAFE) requirements for passenger cars, as part of the White House's latest bid to gain some political traction on the issue of rapidly spiraling energy costs. An arcane attribute of ...

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    Oil tops $75/bbl to conclude week of record prices

    The usual suspects were all present this week - fear and uncertainty over the possibility of military action in Iran, civil unrest in Nigeria, and the seemingly inelastic and insatiable demand for energy 'round the world - and oil ended up setting record highs nearly every day this week. Friday's ...


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