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off-road buggy

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    Video: Watch the birth of the Reboot Buggy

    Joey Ruiter is fed up with what cars have become, so much so that he did something about it. The product designer based in Michigan built his own vehicle: the Reboot Buggy. The box on wheels reminds us what cars once were - crude replacements for the horse and buggy - and is his interpretation ...

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    Video: Tim Cameron's ShowTime is our kind of commuter car for the apocalypse

    It's amazing what a little good old-fashioned ingenuity can create. Well, that and about 200 feet of thick steel tubing, 16-inch Fox coil-over suspenders, an LSX 454 crate engine from General Motors hooked to a Powerglide automatic transmission, and a custom-built pair of axles and a set of four ...


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