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The Mercedes-Maybach G650 Landaulet is the latest limited run of G-Class luxury.

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While off-roaders - equipped with giant 4X4s, tires designed for iffy terrain, and friends with winches to pull them out in times of failure - may actually seek out muddy conditions, it is advisable for those behind the wheels of ho-hum standard vehicles to avoid deep mud.

Jeeps have been around since before WWII, and they’ve been modifiable since the very beginning.

Mud guards can be a very useful addition to any vehicle that potentially may drive off-road, since rocks, mud, and snow thrown from a tire may damage a vehicle’s body or suspension components.

Take a look at the latest video from the makers of the Sherp ATV. This Russian built ATV isn’t a new vehicle but this recent video shows just how versatile the Sherp is.

When you bought that Jeep or Land Cruiser you had two thoughts in mind.

Isuzu has taken to advertising its not-for-North-America KB pickup truck with a unique initiative. The company wanted to apply the Google Street View philosophy to some of South Africa's more remote off-road trails, and the result is Isuzu Trail View. Using multiple action cameras situated in a 3D-printed housing strapped to the top of the truck, the crew began bouncing along dirt and rock paths, recording all the while. They also shot additional video and worked with experts to provide excellen

Click above for high-res gallery of Iceland's "jeeps"

In Iceland, the leviathan you see in the picture above is called a "jeep." Here in the U.S., it would be called a massively tricked out F-350 Super Duty, or probably just "monster truck." The 6,000 members of Iceland's 4x4 club use them to explore the barely reachable sections of the island nation, trusting 4-foot-high studded tires and a bevy of custom modifications to get them back to civilization.

So you have decided to take the family on a rugged outdoor adventure. Hunting, fishing, and four-wheelin' are all part of the plan. Sounds like you need a Jeep, probably a Wrangler. But you happen to have six kids and no minivan in the world will get you where you want to go. You really long for something that offers the legendary Jeep off-road prowess, but with seating for eight. Well, my friend, step right up. Back Country Journal, the self-proclaimed "finest hunting and fishing on the web" is

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