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    Report: UAW, Teamsters plan D.C. rally against Toyota over NUMMI plant closing

    How much Toyota news can you take in one week? Put another way, how much negative press can Toyota absorb? First there was the massive recall, then there was the sales and manufacturing freeze. And now there's this this: The UAW and the Teamsters are planning to rally outside the Japanese Embassy ...

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    REPORT: Toyota to add 850 more jobs in San Antonio to build more pickups

    2007 Toyota Tundra Limited - click above for high resolution gallery
    NUMMI's loss will be San Antonio's gain. Toyota is adding a second shift at its truck plant and looking to hire 850 workers for the production increase, and since Toyota's suppliers are located on-site, they're also adding a ...

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    REPORT: Toyota adding 850 jobs in San Antonio truck factory

    Toyota's arrangements for its San Antonio plant are coming together after the closure of NUMMI and the announced relocation of Tacoma pickup production. The company will be adding 850 permanent and temporary workers to its labor force in Texas, taking the number of associates from 1,850 to about ...

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    Toyota seeks $2 million from California for training NUMMI workers

    Back in February, New United Motor Manufacturing Co. (NUMMI), the now defunct joint agreement between Toyota and General Motors in Fremont, CA, entered an agreement with California's Employment Training Panel that would provide training to 1,400 workers. Since the time of the agreement, GM has ...

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    REPORT: Production of Toyota Corolla transferring from NUMMI to Ontario

    2009 Toyota Corolla - Click above for high-res image gallery
    As even mighty Toyota finds itself with excess production capacity in North America and elsewhere, the Japanese automaker has finally made the decision to shutter an assembly plant. The loss of the Pontiac Vibe means that it wasn't ...

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    REPORT: Toyota moving Tacoma production to San Antonio

    Now that Toyota has decided the fate of the NUMMI plant, the company has to decide where to move production of the Tacoma and Corolla models built there. The Corolla hasn't been spoken for yet, but Toyota is confirming that its Tacoma line is moving to the San Antonio factory that currently makes ...

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    BREAKING: Toyota reportedly pulls plug on NUMMI plant

    It's over. Or more to the point, it will be. Toyota Motor Corp. has reportedly announced that it will end production at Fremont, California's New United Motor Manufacturing Inc., better known as NUMMI. Despite protestations from workers and community members to the contrary, The Associated Press is ...

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    REPORT: Toyota to end production at NUMMI in March

    2009 Toyota Matrix - Click above for high-res image gallery
    Word 'round the campfire (okay, by way of the Asahi Shimbun newspaper in Japan and via Reuters) is that Toyota will end production at its NUMMI plant in California in March of next year. Though a spokesperson for the automaker claims no ...

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    Only in California: UAW reportedly fighting to save Toyota plant

    New United Motor Manufacturing, Inc, better known as NUMMI, has been operating in Fremont, California since 1984. The plant started as a joint venture between General Motors and Toyota. The idea was that Toyota could cut out the expense of boating cars all the way across the Pacific and The General ...

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    Toyota NA President Inaba: Hopes for profit in 2011, NUMMI could be dissolved

    Three weeks into his new assignment as president and chief operating officer of Toyota North America, Yoshimi Inaba came to Detroit to talk about the state of the business. This is Inaba-san's third stint working for Toyota in North America after returning to Japan in 2003. This spring the senior ...

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    REPORT: Toyota bankrolling $500 million into Indiana plant; no comment on NUMMI

    The world's biggest automaker has confirmed that it is investing 44.9 billion yen (or about $467.2 million at current exchange rates) to upgrade its Indiana plant. Toyota Motor Corp. will reportedly spend the next three months retooling in order to build its Sequoia and Highlander SUVs on the same ...

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    GM execs to reportedly meet with Toyota regarding hybrid sharing

    2010 Toyota Prius – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Rumors that General Motors may get access to Toyota's proprietary hybrid technology just won't go away. Today, Bloomberg cites two unnamed sources in reports that Toyota President Akio Toyoda and GM chief Fritz Henderson will meet ...

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    After 25 years, GM ditches NUMMI tie-up with Toyota

    As part of its "New GM"/"Old GM" bankruptcy proceedings, General Motors has announced that it will abandon its ownership stake in the New United Motor Manufacturing Incorporated (NUMMI) joint venture with Toyota.According to an official statement, GM and Toyota worked to find a future product that ...

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    Dampened: Pontiac Vibe production ends this August

    It was originally thought that the Vibe would be the terminal Pontiac, but now that we've learned that the Excitement runs out of the NUMMI plant by the end of August we're not so sure. While the curtain will drop on the Vibe, General Motors hasn't totally ruled out future co-production with Toyota ...

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    Last Call: Pontiac Vibe final consumer model for dead brand

    Pontiac Vibe GT - Click above for high-res image gallery
    Perhaps unsurprisingly, the Last Pontiac Standing will be the nearly new Vibe. The compact hatchback was the predictable pick not just due to its young age, but because it is part of General Motors' longstanding NUMMI joint-venture plant ...

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    Pontiac Vibe to be replaced with another shared Toyota model?

    2009 Pontiac Vibe – Click above for high-res image gallery
    There are a lot of questions left unanswered after General Motors announcement this morning that its Pontiac division was not long for this world. One of those is what will happen to GM's joint venture agreement with Toyota to ...

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    Toyota denies rumors of giving aid to GM

    Rumors of a meeting between GM CEO Rick Wagoner and top officials from Toyota in Japan has been denied. This shouldn't come as much of a surprise, considering that it's GM's policy not to comment on such matters, but Toyota has no such policy and has also denied that such discussions have or will ...

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    NHTSA probing windows on Toyota Matrix, Corolla and Pontiac Vibe

    Toyota's Matrix wagon, Corolla sedan and its mechanical twin the Pontiac Vibe sport wagon are all in hot water after motorists have begun to issue complaints about their power side-front windows. Reports indicate the windows are getting stuck, making popping noises, and in some cases shattering ...

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    Toyota whistleblower joined by civil suit over father's death

    A faulty seatbelt that traps an occupant in a vehicle and leads to his death is a horrible tragedy. If the defect were given a pass at the manufacturing plant, it goes beyond tragic to criminal. Toyota is now facing two lawsuits in California, both centered around manufacturing defects that may ...

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    Are GM and Toyota working on a hybrid together?

    The evidence: rumor had it at the LA Auto Show that customers would soon have the option of buying a hybrid Toyota Matrix and a hybrid Pontiac Vibe; the 2009 Pontiac Vibe is made at NUMMI, a GM-Toyota joint venture manufacturing plant where the Matrix is also made; Toyota's already got its hybrid ...


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