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nummi closing

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    Report: Displaced NUMMI workers unhappy with severance package effort from GM, Toyota

    This didn't take long. Hot on the heels of NUMMI shutting its doors for good, reports are emerging that the plant's former workers aren't satisfied with their severance packages. Originally, employees were slated to see around $54,000 on average, depending on seniority. The newest workers were ...

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    This American Life tells the NUMMI story

    One of the highest-rated shows on National Public Radio is This American Life, which does deep-dives into weekly themes, exploring subject matter from different angles while always leaving the listener enriched. This past Sunday, the show spent an hour going over the Toyota/General Motors joint ...

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    Report: NUMMI and UAW seeking closure through cash

    Thanks to the hard work and solidarity of the United Auto Workers union, Detroit automakers have for years known that it is extremely expensive to offer early retirements, entice workers to walk away from their jobs or permanently close the doors at a plant. And even though NUMMI is an ...

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    Toyota commits $250 million to aid with NUMMI transition

    The present Toyota recalls have been garnering a vast amount of media attention, but no one has forgotten about the automaker's earlier decision to end its production contract with California's New United Motor Manufacturing Inc. (NUMMI). Just recently, Toyota issued a press release stating it ...

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    REPORT: Production of Toyota Corolla transferring from NUMMI to Ontario

    2009 Toyota Corolla - Click above for high-res image gallery
    As even mighty Toyota finds itself with excess production capacity in North America and elsewhere, the Japanese automaker has finally made the decision to shutter an assembly plant. The loss of the Pontiac Vibe means that it wasn't ...


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