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15Nürburgring officially sold for 100M euros

The Nürburgring has been officially sold, and it wasn't to HIG Capital and its group of investors as we had previously expected. Instead, Düsseldorf-based Capricorn Development put in a last-minute bid to buy the track for 77 million euros ($106.8 million), and it's promising to invest a further 25 million euros ($34.7 million) into the historic racecourse. The company will take full ownership of the 'Ring on January 1, 2015.

6Audi takes the RCN Green Challenge at the Nürburgring, beats official fuel rating by 28 percent

If you're a sports car aficionado, you already know what Nürburgring is: one of the world's most famous race tracks that is used both by car fans and auto journalists to test cars while going a little faster than authorities allow on normal streets. Audi, though, is proud of a recent event at the 'ring that had more to do with reducing fuel use than simple speed. Two Audi TTs with 2.0 TFSI engines mated to 6-speed manual gearboxes entered an efficiency contest, with the winner using 1.6 lit

22Spied on the Nuerburgring again: Veritas RS3?

Click above for a gallery of the Veritas RS3 at the 'Ring.

57Spied on the Nuerburgring: You tell us

Wednesday, I was surfing the Internets on my iPhone, checking all my usual sites, one of which is the Nuerburgring Web cam. Usually I either get pictures of an empty staging area or darkness. But this time I got the photo you see above. And, yes, we realize the quality isn't that great. I had to take a picture of my iPhone's screen since it's incapable of sending or downloading photos from the Net. But maybe that will be fixed in June.

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