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    Video: IFA 2011: Nuance dictation beta is in-car voice-to-text done right

    If your vehicle or smartphone has voice-to-text functionality, there's a good chance Nuance is working behind the scenes. If you haven't checked out the company's iPhone or Android app, it's worth the download just to get a feel for the technology, and the company's next implementation is set to ...

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    Ford improves voice recognition for SYNC, adds Send-to-Car for Google Maps [w/video]

    Ford SYNC 2011 demonstration – click above to watch the video
    Those that have been paying attention to Autoblog for any length of time will know that the staff here have long been enamored with the voice recognition (VR) technology that is a part of Ford's SYNC system. SYNC VR generally ...

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    New voice recognition tech coming to cars

    Car companies always boast about how many technological gizmos they pack into each new model, but the sad truth is that many buyers -- and we're talking a lot here -- barely have a clue what they'd use them for let alone how to go about it. This hasn't stopped companies like Nuance Communications ...


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