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    Australian police hope to attract stares with Alfa MiTo cruiser

    NSW Police-spec Alfa Romeo MiTo – Click above for high-res image gallery
    If your aim in choosing a new car is to get noticed, there's no shortage of attention-grabbing wheels to pick from, but few cars get noticed as quickly as a police cruiser. Sure, the flashing lights and blaring ...

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    Report: Aussie police begin using facial recognition tech to track scofflaw motorists

    The Australian state of New South Wales (NSW) is taking steps to eliminate the possibility of drivers who have had their licenses successfully applying for another one. The state's Roads and Traffic Authority (RTA) will be using facial recognition software to build a database of license holders. ...

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    Lotus donates Exige to Aussie police department

    Click image for photo galleryLotus cars has donated a brand-new Exige to the Bankstown, NSW police force. The six-month loan gives the local constabulary a head-turner that it plans to leverage in community policing projects, particularly with regard to reaching out to local youths and car ...


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