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    Report: Conn. Senator Murphy urges NASCAR to reconsider NRA race sponsorship [w/poll]

    Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy wants NASCAR officials to reconsider calling one of the sport's upcoming events, the NRA 500. Murphy, who has helmed the conversation on gun control in the US since the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Newtown, Connecticut last December, sent a letter to ...

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    Gun owners want their other car to be a Chevy Volt

    click image above for high-res gallery of the Chevy Volt var digg_url = ''; Unlike most hybrids, the Chevy Volt may have the uncanny ability to attract buyers outside the culture of environmentally conscious ...

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    Carjackers beware! New bill in Tennessee allows "deadly force" against attackers

    Apparently the increase in violent crimes in Tennessee is leading legislators to take some unprecedented actions. They have filed bills that would increase the rights of citizens to bear arms and use those arms with deadly force in certain situations. Like during a carjacking. One bill in ...


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