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    Followup: Chevy says El Camino and Nomad trademark filings were just routine paperwork

    A slew of recent trademark filings by General Motors had us daydreaming about the return of Chevrolet models like the El Camino and Nomad, but alas, Automotive News is reporting that the automaker is just keeping up on its paperwork. In order to prevent losing the names to other companies, ...

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    eBay Find of the Day: 1993 Chevy Caprice Wagon 'Alter-Nomad' is a headtripping mashup

    Chevrolet "Alter Nomad" Caprice – Click above for high-res image gallery
    There are certain truths about Chevrolet wagons that we hold to be self-evident. Fourth generation long-roof Caprice models are all kinds of awesome, especially when packing the luscious Corvette-sourced 5.7-liter LT1 ...

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    Superior Glass Works to sell 54 Sports Wagon based on C5 Corvette

    Superior Glass Works 54 Sports Wagon – Click above for high-res image gallery
    About two years ago, there was a nasty rumor that Ford was developing sedan and wagon variants of (gasp!) the Mustang. Torches were lit and pitchfork futures soared until Ford totally debunked the rumor. But 55 ...

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    eBay find of the day: $700k Chevy Nomad

    How many hours does it take to turn a 1955 Chevy Nomad into the award-winning Chevy "Newmad"? 22,000 hours. Yes, you read that correctly. One Newmad equals 84 Rolls-Royce Phantoms. The Newmad began its life as the first generation Nomad, the halo model wagon derived from the Motorama Corvette of ...

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    Battle of the Sources: Use of Nomad name on Chevy CUV refuted

    Yesterday the website Inside Line reported that sources deep within General Motors revealed that the storied "Nomad" name would be revived for the upcoming Chevy version of the automaker's full-size Lambda-based CUV. According to their sources, the new ute will debut as a 2009 model to replace the ...

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    Chevy to revive Nomad name for new crossover

    We've heard these rumors before, but now, sources deep within the RenCen have made it clear to Inside Line that a Lambda-based crossover sporting a bow tie and a "Nomad" badge could be coming in 2009.Although the 50s nameplate doesn't carry the same cache as say, the Mustang, it's still somewhat ...


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