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The chipmaker has also revealed that the pair will work together to build a new high-definition mapping platform for self-driving cars.

The alliance takes a joint approach to technical and regulatory hurdles.

With regulatory approval obtained, a coalition made up of Audi, BMW, and Daimler has taken over the HERE mapping service from its previous owner Nokia.

It's been confirmed that Uber is using a camera-studded car to make maps, but it's not autonomous.

In a three company partnership the German automakers BMW, Audi and Daimler are set to take ownership of Nokia’s Here mapping technology.

Audi, BMW, Daimler Set To Purchase Coveted Mapping Technology From Nokia

German automakers BMW, Audi and Daimler are set to take ownership of Nokia's Here mapping technology for $3.1 billion.

After a hard-fought battle, a consortium consisting of Audi AG, BMW Group, and Daimler AG have partnered to take over the Here digital mapping service from Nokia.

The consortium of German automakers hoping to buy Nokia's Here mapping division may have won with a bid for the equivalent of about $2.7 billion. The official details of the purchase haven't been made public, and some insiders claim the negotiations aren't done yet.

Daimler, BMW, and Audi are teaming up to submit a bid for Here, Nokia's mapping division. However, they are taking on some some very powerful tech companies, including Uber and possibly Apple.

Nokia Here is working to develop new high-definition maps for autonomous vehicles, using a combination of satellite and GPS data, as well as "anonymized probe data" from trucking companies. All of that and a fleet of some 200 vehicles equipped with Lidar sensors, allowing resolutions down to the centimeter.

Not long ago one of the world's top cellphone makers, Nokia recently completed the sale of its phone unit to Microsoft. Now, it's looking for a new business to focus on, and may have found it in the form of vehicle-to-vehicle communication, mapping and other cutting-edge auto tech.

Last November, Nokia introduced a cloud-based mapping service called Here for smartphones. Now the company wants to integrate Here Auto into your car's navigation system, and it has some features that could make it a legitimate alternative to other navigation options.

Toyota Touch – the Euro-spec version of Entune – is gaining one more functionality in the Toyota (not Scion) iQ: Toyota Touch Life.

And Why That Could Be A Good Thing

And Why That Could Be A Good Thing

MobileBurn has great images of a tricked-out Camry hybrid in the Nokia booth at CES. Nokia painted the car a cool green with white trees and added a slew of Nokia products. I contacted Nokia and Keith Nowak told me, "At each trade show, we generally do have a car in our booth to use as a platform for some of our automotive products - like handsfree kits and navigation devices. This year, since we are highlighting some of our environmental efforts as well, we decided that we would use a hybrid ve

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