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Why is everybody picking on Porsche these days? Last month, the marketing team at Mini had quite a bit of fun at the expense of the German sports car maker, daring the storied automaker to step into the ring to take on a Mini Cooper S at Road Atlanta. A privately sourced 911 ended up kicking the Mini's go-kart-handling butt to the curb, but even in defeat, the British marquee had the nerve to mention that the 911's two-second victory would cost the typical weekend warrior about $36,000 per secon


If you are so insecure in yourself or so proud that you are insulted by every little slight, then you have bigger problems that need to be addressed. Case in point, a new ad being run in Israel by Nissan touting the fuel efficiency of the Tiida (sold here as the Versa). The ad portrays some men who bear a striking resemblance to Saudis physically assaulting a Tiida in response to learning of its efficiency. While the ad is clearly racially insensitive and perhaps foolish from a marketing perspec

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