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    With Or Without You: Nissan reportedly commits to new Titan even if Dodge goes down

    It's comparatively old in the marketplace, its sales are down, and the Nissan Titan is/was slated to be replaced by a Dodge Ram-based replacement in 2011. Chrysler is distracted at the moment, trying to work out its government-mandated deal with Fiat, and Nissan is making contingency plans for the ...

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    New info on Nissan's Ram-based Titan pickup

    More details have emerged about the next-generation Dodge Ram-based Nissan Titan pickup. Questions about how similar the two trucks will be have been partially answered, as reports that the Titan and Ram will share only their doors and roof panels. The next-gen Titan will feature an ...

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    Nissan talks more about next-gen Titan and small car for Chrysler

    We just got off the phone with Frédérique Le Grèves, Nissan's VP of Corporate Communications, and had a chance to ask her some more questions about the Japanese automaker's recently announced partnership with Chrysler LLC. The partnership involves Chrysler building a full-size ...


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