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nissan pathfinder

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    Official: 2013 Nissan Pathfinder headed to dealers with $28,270* starting price

    The 2013 Nissan Pathfinder will be arriving in showrooms by the end of this month, and the good news for potential buyers is that the new model will have a lower price than the vehicle it replaces. Nissan has priced the 2013 Pathfinder at $28,270 – $1,020 less than the 2012 model – ...

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    Official: Nissan recalling select 2012 Frontier, Pathfinder and Xterra models over wheel hub fractures

    The Nissan Frontier, Xterra and Pathfinder might all be rugged trucks and SUVs, but two-wheel-drive versions of these vehicles are being recalled due to front suspension components that could possibly fail. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Nissan is recalling about ...

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    Video: Nissan rounds up Heisman winners for latest campaign

    Nissan has unleashed a new ad campaign aimed directly at football fans. The six spots all feature former Heisman Trophy winners as they shack up in the "Heisman House," including 2011 winner Robert Griffin III as the rookie. Other familiar faces also make a showing, including the sport's only ...

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    Official: 2013 Nissan Pathfinder images, specs released [w/videos]

    Nissan has just taken the wraps off of its handsome new 2013 Pathfinder, touting 30-percent better gas mileage, svelter unibody construction and room for seven people. Built on the same platform as the Infiniti JX luxury utility that's already on sale, the Pathfinder hopes to make a serious ...

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    Production Nissan Pathfinder revealed on Facebook

    Through that little-known social media site known as Facebook, Nissan has released the first official images of its production 2013 Nissan Pathfinder. As you can see, there is little deviation in styling between the model that will be in showrooms and the concept shown at the Detroit Auto Show ...

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    Teased: Nissan teases new Sentra, Rogue and more

    The next year and a half will be an interesting period for Nissan. The automaker has announced that it will launch five new models over the course of 15 months, starting with the 2013 Altima that made its debut at the New York Auto Show last week. What's next? Take a close look at the image above ...

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    Video: 2013 Nissan Pathfinder shown in motion

    The 2013 Nissan Pathfinder will be making its debut at April's New York Auto Show, but before that it's got to prove itself on the other side of the country. Nissan engineers are flogging the unibody crossover in the climatological extremes of The Great Northwest to make sure it does as well with ...

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    Nissan reveals more about Pathfinder's new interior

    Nissan is set to debut an all-new Pathfinder later this year, and the Japanese automaker has given us a better picture of what to expect from the vehicle's cabin. Leather heated and cooled front seats are part of the package, while occupants in the second row will enjoy heated thrones of their ...

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    Report: 2013 Nissan Pathfinder engine confirmed, big deal debuting in Big Apple

    There is a lot to like about the Pathfinder Concept Nissan unveiled at the 2012 Detroit Auto Show. The thinly disguised showcar foregoes the body-on-frame construction of the current Pathfinder for a weight savings of about 500 pounds. Nissan also promises fuel economy improvement of about 25 ...

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    Detroit: 2012 Nissan Pathfinder Concept goes back to unibody

    Compared to most SUVs-turned-mommy-mobiles, the Nissan Pathfinder has had an odd 27-year existence. Like all 'utes, it's first iteration was built on a truck platform, which was then followed by a unibody second generation. But unlike the rest of the pack, the third-gen Pathfinder swapped back to ...

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    Detroit: 2013 Nissan Pathfinder debut to be very social

    Borrowing a page from the launch of the Ford Explorer, Nissan will unveil its latest Pathfinder concept via Facebook instead of holding a traditional press conference. Unlike Ford, however, Nissan won't completely keep attendees of a major auto show in the dark. Nissan plans to fully introduce ...

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    Video: Nissan gives two incredibly quick teases of the Pathfinder Concept

    Nissan has already given us a darkened preview of the next Pathfinder's profile, but tonight the automaker has released two exceptionally brief videos of its latest 'ute. The Pathfinder concept is set to debut at next week's Detroit Auto Show, and all Nissan is saying is that the seven-seat ...

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    Recalls: Nissan initiates multi-vehicle recall over faulty bolts

    Nissan is recalling just over 14,700 vehicles from the 2011 and 2012 model years over faulty bolts in the engine. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, "bolts that connect the engine oil cooler and the engine oil filter to the engine in these vehicles may have been ...

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    Teased: Nissan teases Pathfinder Concept ahead of Detroit reveal

    Just days after confirming its presence at next month's Detroit Auto Show, Nissan has released a shadowy teaser image revealing the profile of its Pathfinder Concept. According to Nissan, the showcar " takes all of Pathfinder's traditional SUV hallmarks and wraps them in a new platform and ...

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    Confirmed: Nissan confirms Pathfinder concept and more for Detroit

    Nissan is gearing up for the Detroit Auto Show and two new concepts will grace the automaker's show stand, along with a Detroit-inspired food truck to keep the throngs satiated. But more important than free hipster grub is the introduction of the Pathfinder Concept, which Nissan claims will ...

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    Spy Shots: Nissan Pathfinder prepares to cross over

    If automakers have learned anything from the 2011 Ford Explorer, it's that changing a popular SUV nameplate to a crossover platform won't necessarily hurt the vehicle's image (or sales numbers). Nissan is hoping to capture that same sort of magic with its Pathfinder – judging by these spy ...

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    Report: Nissan SUV and pickup owners experiencing transmission failures

    Nissan is facing a rash of complaints about automatic transmission failures in the company's trucks and SUVs, according to The New York Times. Certain 2005-2010 Frontier, Pathfinder and Xterra models may have an issue with their radiators which could cause coolant to mix with the automatic ...

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    Video: Freak bear collision leaves two dead in Quebec

    Roads that are forged through the wilderness can occasionally pose a hazard to drivers. Animals can emerge from tree-lined scenery without warning, and if the animal is large enough it can cause serious damage to a vehicle, and possibly to the occupants inside. Two unfortunate Canadian motorists ...

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    Review: 2011 Nissan Pathfinder

    An Aging SUV Stalwart Sizes Up Its Crossover Competition Would you describe yourself as an optimist? Someone who can always find the good in something that others fail to see? It's an admirable quality, and one we're going to try and keep in mind while putting down our thoughts on the 2011 ...

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    Nissan recalling nearly 200,000 Pathfinder and Infiniti QX4 SUVs

    Back in January, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration announced an investigation into corrosion problems in older Nissan SUVs. There were 35 cases reported of excessive rusting, with 18 of those cases leading to steering issues. It didn't take long for that investigation to result ...


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