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    Report: Is Nissan reviving its Datsun brand for a low-cost return in 2014?

    Japan's Nikkei news service is reporting that Nissan is dusting the cobwebs off its Datsun brand, dropped back in 1986, and preparing it for a return in 2014. Loyalists will be disappointed to learn that the "new" Datsun badge won't be riveted to the nose of any upcoming Fairlady Z in the near ...

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    Nobushige Wakatsuki, the man responsible for bringing Nissan/Datsun to U.S. dies at 81

    Here's a bit of interesting folklore for you history-obsessed car buffs out there. Nissan (then selling Datsuns) was tricked into coming to America. Seems that Nissan never planned to sell cars here, as they felt that their diminutive, economical rides were too small and slow for the mighty U.S. ...

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    Design student dreams up a Datsun revival

    Ever since the Datsun nameplate gave way to Nissan, some fans have wanted it back. The "Nissan 510" just doesn't have the same ring. Design student Benjamin Nawka agrees, and as his thesis project at Pforzheim University in Germany, he created the Datsun XLink as a way to fulfill unrequited ...


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