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nissan concept

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    Exclusive: Nissan teases Sao Paolo CUV concept, production future likely
    Will We Get Another Crossover Between Juke And Rogue? 1413488700

    Back in 2012 at Brazil's São Paulo Motor Show, Nissan showed off an angular subcompact crossover concept, Extrem, that seemed to to portend the future of the Nissan Juke. Now, the Japanese automaker is teasing an as-yet-unnamed CUV concept for this year's show. The new showcar, set for an ...

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    Breaking: This is Nissan's 2014 Detroit Auto Show concept

    During a media event in Los Angeles today, Nissan flashed a few images of a new concept car that will be unveiled at the 2014 Detroit Auto Show in January. According to Shiro Nakamura, senior vice president and chief creative officer of design and brand management at Nissan, this unnamed concept ...

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    Report: Nissan design to show more Chinese influence

    Nissan is going to be leveraging the weight of the Chinese market by selling cars influenced by the People's Republic in other markets around the globe. The influence of Chinese design is further proof of the country's importance on a global scale. Nissan isn't the only manufacturer that's ...

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    Teased: Nissan renders new concept car for Sao Paulo show

    Nissan has teased the automotive world with a "high-character" concept it will reveal later this month in Brazil. The two fragments we get seem to show a look, sleek sports coupe or hatch with multiple openings in the lower front and behind the front fender. In back, the hint of a Veloster-like ...

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    Paris: Nissan unveils all-electric Terra SUV concept [w/video]

    Nissan has pulled back the wraps on the Terra Concept – a zero-emissions, all-wheel-drive fuel cell vehicle destined for a debut at this year's Paris Motor Show. The design concept is meant to show off what Nissan thinks its "youthful customers in Northern Europe" are pining for in a ...

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    Teased: Nissan teases Pathfinder Concept ahead of Detroit reveal

    Just days after confirming its presence at next month's Detroit Auto Show, Nissan has released a shadowy teaser image revealing the profile of its Pathfinder Concept. According to Nissan, the showcar " takes all of Pathfinder's traditional SUV hallmarks and wraps them in a new platform and ...

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    2006 Nissan Urge concept spotted uncovered on trailer

    The 2006 Nissan Urge looks like a dead man walking. The three-year-old concept designed as a Mazda MX-5 competitor was once planned for the market, but then the market got really, really sick and so the roadster was killed. That didn't stop Auto Express from claiming that the Urge would be coming ...

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    Nissan's Qazana-based Juke shucks and jives its way out of the darkness, headed for Geneva

    Nissan Juke teaser – Click above for high-res image
    If you thought Nissan was joking with its barmy Qazana at last year's Geneva Motor Show, think again. The same basic form that had us likening the concept crossover to something French or a vehicle "reverse-engineered from a Paris-Dakar ...

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    Tokyo 2009: Carlos Ghosn carves up the stage with the Nissan Land Glider concept

    Nissan Land Glider Concept - Click above for high-res image gallery
    At the Tokyo Motor Show this morning, Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn rolled silently onto the stage in the company's latest battery powered concept, the Land Glider. Like Volkswagen's One-Liter concep from the Frankfurt Motor Show, the ...

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    New York '08 Preview: Nissan to unveil all-electric concept

    Click above to high-res gallery of the Nissan CubeAll-electric vehicles are on their way, and Nissan plans to be a player with an all-electric vehicle on the market in Japan and the U.S. by 2010 for fleet customers and 2012 for everyone else. While the automaker has been testing a system that uses ...


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