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nintendo ds

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    Report: Toyota turning Nintendo DS into navigation system

    Video games are already an easy target for politicians, what with their amazing ability to turn both brains and muscles to jelly while also promoting violence and other sociopathic behaviors. So we can only wonder at the political grandstanding that might accompany this development: The Nintendo ...

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    Boy saves family in car accident using Nintendo DS?

    The Nintendo DS, a handheld video game system, can be a major time-suck for us kids of all ages. It's no surprise that the mother of seven year-old Christoper Miszkowiec wanted him to cut down on the amount of time he spends playing with one. What is surprising is that mom Kathleen has recently ...

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    Touch Mechanic video game coming to Nintendo DS

    Click above for gallery of Touch Mechanic screenshotsVideo games have long since extended their reach beyond violent first-person shooters and fast paced driving games to include the more mundane aspects of life. In The Sims, gamers play by controlling people who just go about their daily business. ...


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