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nikolai smolenski

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    Report: TVR nixes production restart, vows to pursue... wind turbines?!

    TVR owner Nikolai Smolenski has taken the tiny English car firm on a ride wilder than anything you could get from a Speed 12 (pictured), and now he's riding the name right out of the car business. Telling Autocar that the production possibilities don't make financial sense anymore, he is instead ...

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    Report: TVR reborn... kinda

    There's a flicker of life over at TVR. The eccentric British sportscar firm has a brand-new website, complete with a revised logo that harkens back to the company's 1954 original. That's far from the grand plans that the company's owner, Nikolai Smolenski, had drawn in the clouds, but at least ...

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    Rumormill: Next TVR to get... BMW diesel power?

    TVR faithful – what few there might be remaining – have been wondering for years what Russian billionaire owner Nikolai Smolenski plans to do with what remains of the company. He bought the Blackpool firm in 2004, and ever since, it seems it has made more headlines than products. The ...

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    TVR could make Corvette-powered 2012 comeback

    Nikolai Smolenski's tenure as owner of TVR, the formerly revered maker of hairy-chested British sports cars, is nothing if not quizzical. He bought the company from late founder Peter Wheeler when it was in trouble, didn't do much with it, declared it bankrupt to clear its debts, then bought the ...

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    Report: TVR rebirth hinges on hybrid tech and Chevrolet Corvette power

    At long last, the question of exactly which American V8 the newly-resurrected TVR will use has been answered. As you might have guessed, the Russian-owned, English-bred racer will get a beating heart from none other than the mighty Chevrolet Corvette. The news hounds over at Autocar managed to ...

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    Rumormill: TVR on the comeback trail with American V8 power?

    TVR Speed 12 - Click above for high-res image gallery
    Hey you Anglophiles, looks like TVR is coming back. And really, it's a shame they went anywhere in the first place, but that's the British car industry for you. Nevertheless, a flurry of rumors and speculation has just cropped up, all of them ...

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    Straight from the horse's mouth: Here's the deal at TVR

    It seems that the never-ending story of TVR has been given a new chapter. Russian Nikolai Smolenski, just days after selling the company, has bought it back for an additional £2 million. This time he has additional backing from two Americans. CAR Magazine interviewed all three of them to get ...

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    Enough already! Smolenski sells TVR

    We'll parrot our friends over at Hemmings Auto Blog when they say, "Now it's just getting ridiculous." After Nikolai Smolenski bought back what assets were left of TVR last week, we're now getting word from Autocar that Adam Burdette and Jean Michel Santacreu, owners of Evolution Imports, have ...

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    TVR sold again, to Smolenski

    The soap opera that has been the recent history of TVR has taken another turn. The administrators of PKF Partners have announced the sale TVR's asset's to none other Nikolai Smolenski, the previous owner who oversaw the failure of the company in the first place. The sale price hasn't been released, ...

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    Will Al Melling and Nikolai Smolenski start bidding war for TVR?

    You may have noticed our post Wednesday about TVR's owner Nikolai Smolenski losing his trademark rights and certain tooling. Yesterday, it was revealed that the entire company is, in fact, for sale. Expected bidders include Al Melling and possibly even Nikolai Smolenski rebidding.Al Melling ...

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    TVR taps Bertone in Italy to build lineup?

    A new Autocar item is saying that the next-generation of TVRs will be built by Bertone in Italy, using Ricardo-produced engines. This comes on the heels of reports that the tiny manufacturer was leaving the UK. And that announcement followed the initial declaration that the firm would remain ...

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    TVR doing well, rehires laid-off workers

    It appears the on-again, off-again prospect of TVR possibly closing its doors has boosted sales of the British sports car brand. Sales are up so much, in fact, that TVR has rehired the workers it temporarily, then permanently, laid off back in April. TVR says the upsurge in sales occurred when the ...

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    TVR finds a home

    The saga of British sports car manufacturer TVR took another twist this week when the company leased space in an old WWII bomber factory just a short distance away from its shuttered Blackpool factory.According to BBC News, the company will move to its new address on the outskirts of the Blackpool ...

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    Blackpool makes last-ditch bid to keep TVR

    TVR's lineup of sporting machines are known for their ability to give owners the potential of a speedy getaway. But the British automaker's owner, Russian Nikolai Smolenski, is being afforded no such courtesy by Blackpool authorities who remain eager to keep the firm's operations in town. The ...


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