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    Video: Lamborghini Aventador goes floral to match LeBron's new Nikes

    If you're in Miami and want to rent some exotic wheels, the folks over at Lou La Vie can hook you up with a Ferrari, a Porsche or a Rolls-Royce, among the dozen exotics they have on offer. You might think that someone with as much cash and flash as LeBron James may not need their services – ...

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    Official: ADRNLN has Pantera bones with Nike skunkworks know-how [UPDATE]

    ADRNLN, the car pictured in the rendering above, is based on a 1971 De Tomaso Pantera that had seen better days. But in its transformation to its soon-to-be-revealed second act, Ringbrothers, a custom car shop and parts maker, and Nike's innovation skunkworks team have given the De Tomaso a new ...

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    Quick Spin: Icon Bronco

    Resurrecting Ford's Iconic 4x4 With Style "The watch industry is a very interesting parallel in that none of us need watches anymore," Jonathon Ward, founder of Icon 4x4, offers as a metaphor for his latest project. "The secret to them succeeding and prospering and furthering their design ...

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    Leave a Facebook comment, win a pair of Nike DeLorean shoes!

    Click above to leave a Facebook comment and enter!
    THIS GIVEAWAY HAS ENDED. STAY TUNED FOR MORE. Black Friday. 7:00 AM. The mall. That was the mission for one Jeff Glucker, Autoblog team member and the person you have to thank for your chance to win a very, very limited pair of Nike Dunk 6.0 ...

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    DeLorean branding coming to Microsoft, Mattel and more

    DeLorean Motor Company recently teamed up with Nike, to bring us a limited-edition sneaker modeled after the iconic, gullwing DMC-12. The Nike Dunk 6.0 DeLorean was limited to just 1,000 pairs and they sold out as soon as stores flipped the sign from CLOSED to OPEN. If you're a fan of the DMC ...

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    Limited-edition Nike Dunk 6.0 'DeLorean' shoes run to the top of our holiday wish-list

    Nike Dunk 6.0 DeLorean shoes – Click above for high-res image gallery
    We internet types don't always condone the idea of waking up at the crack of dawn on Black Friday for some mad-dash holiday shopping, but if there was ever a product we'd wait in line for, this might just be it. Starting ...

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    Everybody Run: Nike Hyperdunks for Aston Martin and Kobe Bryant

    Nike Hyperdunk Kobe Bryant Aston Martin Edition – Click above for image gallery
    You may recall back in '08 when Kobe Bryant went viral for Nike with his jump over an Aston Martin that appeared to drive right at him. As you also know by now, it was just an optical illusion; Kobe was next to ...

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    Nike+ hacked to create automotive keyless entry device

    As unrepressed, unapologetic propellerheads, anytime someone takes two of our favorite things – cars and gizmos – and hacks them together, we take note. So when SparkFun's Nate decided he finally needed to get rid of the last key in his pocket, he took it upon himself to create a DIY ...

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    Nike outlet puts the "RS" in "sneakers"

    Click on either image to view more of the GT3 RS-inspired Nike sneakers
    Remember the 80's? Frankly, we'd rather not, what with all the neon colors and fifth-grader graphics. But some people just won't leave it alone. Like sneaker freaks, who need to have those Nike high-tops they had (or didn't) ...

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    Kobe rolls like Doc Brown to launch McFly kicks

    Kobe Bryant showed up at UNDFTD this week to kick off the release of Nike's new McFly Hyperdunks. The McFlys are Back to the Future-themed basketball shoes, with a color scheme inspired by the shoes Michael J. Fox wore in Back to the Future II. They come complete with "2015" emblazoned on the right ...


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