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    Report: Proposed advertising merger will bring competing auto brands under one roof

    Publicis Groupe SA and Omnicom Group are a pair of major marketing companies that are on the brink of merging, a move that will form the largest advertising company on the planet. Naturally, this effects the automotive world, as the two companies count a number of ad houses that service the ...

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    Report: No one advertises more during the Super Bowl than autos

    It shouldn't be surprising that, during the Super Bowl, the biggest single U.S. sporting event, automotive and beer companies spend the most on advertising. What might surprise you – before you give a thought to your Super Bowl diet – is the fifth biggest advertiser: tortilla chips. ...

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    Study: Are gas prices changing home buying habits?

    Rising gas prices have an affect over many aspects of our lives. Besides increasing the cost of operating automobiles, more expensive fuel leads to an increase in the cost of shipped goods, food and airline tickets. Can gas prices also create changing attitudes amongst home shoppers? Coldwell ...

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    Kia Hampsters win Nielsen's Top Auto Ad Award for second year in a row

    Kia has taken home the top honors in the Nielsen Automotive Ad of the Year awards for the second year in a row. The company's troupe of dancing hamsters managed to make the biggest impression on viewers in the "A New Way To Roll" spot in 2009 and the rodents managed to pull off a similar stunt ...

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    Ford wins first-ever Nielsen automotive 'Green Marketer of the Year' award

    General Motors may be raking in the awards with its Chevrolet Volt right now, but Ford isn't exactly going unnoticed for its efforts on the green front. The Green Blue Oval has won Nielsen's first Automotive Green Marketer of the Year award. The honor is given to brands that help shape consumer ...

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    Video: Kia Soul hamsters return to kick it old school

    Kia Soul This or That advertising spot – Click above to watch the video after the break
    You could get with this, or you could get with that. 'This,' in case you were wondering, would be the 2010 Kia Soul, and 'that' would be, um, anything else. Especially a toaster, washing machine or ...

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    Hamsters FTW! Kia Soul ad wins top Nielsen Auto Ad award [w/video]

    Kia wins Nielsen's top auto ad award – Click above to watch the video after the break
    Those painfully trendy hamsters and their brand-new Kia Soul managed to nab Nielson's Most Effective Automotive Ad Award. Of all the car ads out there, the 2.5 million TV viewers polled by Nielsen ...


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