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26Elon Musk named low-carbon advisor in UK

Elon Musk may not be making a ton of friends in Texas, but the folks in the UK sure seem to like the Tesla Motors head honcho. UK Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has appointed Musk to serve as an advisor to the British government and as it tries to speed up adoption of plug-in vehicles, the Environmental Leader says.

AddPlanet Positive looks for your 2020 Visions of a low carbon world

The strategies that Nissan and GM have announced to introduce their plug-in vehicles next year – the Leaf and the Volt – are huge in the green car world but quite tiny in the overall automotive market. The technologies used in the cars are giant leaps forward, but total sales for these vehicles will be measured in the tens of thousands for the next few years. Considering the total U.S. vehicle fleet is around 240 million vehicles, the dent will be small at first.

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