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    Futurebug: 2054 Volkswagen Beetle

    At some point in the future, automakers will engage in a hood ornament war to see who can build the car with the biggest badge. We've seen into the future and Volkswagen will win this war in 2054 when it unveils the New2 Beetle that features the company's famous logo laser etched across both of its ...

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    GALLERY: VW's Fahrenheit models are hotter than we thought

    Photo gallery hereVW has released a new photo set that shows its new US special edition models -- Fahrenheit, Wolfsburg, and Triple White -- in greater detail, and we're able to learn a few more things as a result. First of all, the Triple White Beetle Convertible does not have a white top, which ...

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    Volkswagen Beetle Barbie debuts in Mexico

    Click to enlargeWe've brought you the Mitsubishi's Hello Kitty i, and now, in our never-ending quest to provide complete coverage of all children's-toy-themed automobiles, we present the Mexican-market Volkswagen Beetle Barbie. No battery-operated kiddie toy, mind you, the Beetle Barbie is a ...

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    Once more, with feeling: VW recalls 362,000 again; GM calls back Corvettes

    The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration announced that Volkswagen AG will recall 362,000 vehicles in the United States for a brake light switch that has the potential to malfunction. The recall affects certain 1999-2002 model year Jettas, some Jetta III from 1999-2000, and also ...

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    Volkswagen strips vehicle lineup in UK

    In a bid to rationalize its vehicle lineup and control costs, Volkswagen's British outpost is taking a massive axe to its range, culling dozens of models and options from its order books. With in excess of 10,000 different build combinations and pressures to streamline their operations, VW has ...

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    VIDEO: Jet-powered VW New Beetle

    Astute readers of Autoblog will no doubt remember pics of the jet-powered Volkswagen New Beetle we posted a while back. Owner Ron Patrick was recently interviewed by the San Francisco Chronicle and fired up the fire-breathing Beetle on camera. While Patrick admits the car was built more for show ...


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