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    Video: Zero wheels, all awesome - Homebuilt Kiwi 'hovercraft'

    Homemade flying hovercraft – Click above to watch video after the jump
    Rudy Heeman, an inventor in New Zealand, has created a flying hovercraft. We'll admit right now that it has little nothing to do with cars, but it is ridiculously cool. Heeman wants to make and sell them for only ...

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    The Ultimate Crossover: Samoa's plan to switch to left-hand traffic sparks motorist unrest [w/VIDEO]

    Samoan traffic switches sides -- Click above to view the video after the jump
    Samoa's prime minister has decided to do something for his constituents who want to buy cheap cars: swap driving from the right-hand side to the left-hand side. The reasoning behind the move is that Australia and New ...

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    eBay Find of the Day: 1967 Nissan Prince Skyline 2000GT

    1967 Nissan Prince Skyline 2000GT - Click above for high-res image gallery
    Long before Michael Jackson named two of his sons Prince, there was a Japanese manufacturer that went by that name. Actually, they were initially called Tachikawa Aircraft Company (builder of the Pearl Harbor-attacking ...

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    Crazy Kiwis: Buy a new Mitsubishi Triton, get a free goat with purchase

    New Zealand Mitsubishi wants you to buy a Triton ute, and to lure you into doing it they're using goats -- because really, who can resist a goat? Said Mitsu's New Zealand sales and marketing manager, Peter Wilkins, "three years of drought has severely depleted sheep and beef populations, so what ...

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    Chopper carrying Top Gear's Clarkson, Hammond makes emergency landing after seagull strike

    A chopper carrying Top Gear presenters Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond had to make an emergency landing after a seagull flew into the rotor after takeoff. The incident took place in Auckland, New Zealand. where the pair are currently on tour with the Top Gear Live show. As photos published by ...

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    Hero or Villain? Kiwi bandit filling "boy racer" exhausts with expanding foam

    BRRRAAAAP! It's music to the ears of a subset of car nuts. Noisy exhaust setups are hardly a new phenomenon, but the fashion for mufflers that intentionally buzz as much as possible is a more recent development in the pantheon of annoying things others do. Exasperation with the muffler rap has led ...

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    Hulme CanAm makes track debut with 600-hp LS7 V8

    Click either image to view the Hulme CanAm in our gallery
    The McLaren legacy is a powerful draw. Bruce McLaren himself was a tour de force as a racing driver, engineer and team principal in his day, winning races and championships in Formula One, Indy cars and Can-Am. Ever since his passing in ...

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    A1GP drag races a Boeing 777 in New Zealand

    Car vs. Jet. It's an epic battle that never seems to end, with new contenders continuously lining up on the runway. And we love it. Top Gear raced a Bugatti Veyron down the runway and back against a Eurofighter, Lamborghini pitted its jet-inspired Reventon against a Tornado, Audi raced its Le ...

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    A1GP switches to ethanol mix, ships fuel to New Zealand

    Switching a racing series to ethanol? Smart. Shipping the ethanol around the world to show how green that racing series is? Less so. A1GP has announced that its upcoming race in New Zealand will mark the inauguration of the series' switch to E30 Hiperflo ethanol-gasoline blend, which, as organizers ...

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    Holden recalls 86,000 Zetas equipped with V6

    GM's Australian subsidiary Holden has recalled 86,000 rear-wheel-drive Zeta cars with the V6 engine to correct a potential fuel leak that could lead to fires. The CNN Money article says that the recall doesn't impact the Pontiac G8, GM's North American Zeta variant, because that car's underhood ...

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    Ford wants New Zealand safety ad pulled

    Safety campaigners and law makers in New Zealand have consistently complained about car ads showing any sense of speed and have since had them banned. Now the tables have turned with Ford reportedly unhappy over the latest anti-speeding ad from Land Transport New Zealand (LTNZ) because of the way ...

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    Kiwi supercar coming in 2008

    The recently launched Caparo T1 may already have met its match, and it comes from an unlikely source. New Zealand based Hulme Supercars Ltd. is planning to build an extreme race-car-for-the-road called the Hulme. Powered by a 5.0L V8 engine sourced from BMW, the Hulme develops 550 HP, but weighs ...

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    More hysteria over suggestive ads: Hyundai yanks ad featuing baby behind the wheel

    Aw hell, here we go again. Hyundai is pulling its spot called "Restless" after the Advertising Standards Bureau of Australia banned it. The ad, which appeals to people's warm, gooey centers by adultifying toddlers, shows a baby snatching the keys to the Santa Fe and hitting the highway. Along the ...

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    Honda recalls 270,000 vehicles in Japan and elsewhere

    Honda announced yesterday that they would recall 270,000 vehicles throughout Japan and China. The two vehicles affected by the recall are the Odyssey minivan and Life kei car.In the case of the Odyssey, a problematic electrical circuit in the windshield wiper unit has resulted in two minivans ...

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    Rally driver and co-driver narrowly escape death in the drink

    Rally racing is easily classified as one of the most insane forms of motorsport out there. The thought of running through a series of poorly maintained cow paths at break-neck speed, surrounded by a variety of immovable objects that don't particularly like to give on impact, may not be your idea of ...

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    Tiger Woods set to roll around in the dirt with Kiwis

    Tiger Woods is used to long, commanding drives-- in fact, one could say he's made a habit of them. But the PGA's biggest star is set to trade in his golf clubs for a dirt oval stock car -- and in New Zealand, of all places. The Buick spokesman will dice it up with other celebrities (including ...


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