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new car smell

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    Report: Tesla driver blames 'new car smell' in fatal cyclist crash

    According to the accident report compiled by the California Highway Patrol, 63-year-old driver Navindra Kumar Jain fell asleep at the wheel while driving northbound on Highway 1 in Santa Cruz, crossed into the oncoming, southbound lane, crested a small hill and then while doing 55 miles per hour ...

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    Man says he lost consciousness at the wheel due to Benz's 'new car smell'

    Numerous studies have shown that the so-called new car smell – which is actually a potent outgassing of volatile organic chemicals and heavy metals – can be potentially dangerous to breathe in, and that some people are more bothered by these VOCs than others. But could that new car ...

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    Gesundheit! All Volvo models now allergy-friendly

    Ursäkta! It's how you say "Excuse me!" in Swedish, though you might not be hearing it much anymore as Volvo has managed to get Oeko-Tex certification for all of its interior fabrics including the roof lining, floor mats, luggage compartment mats, upholstery, door panels, leather-trimmed ...

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    Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder wins for Most Toxic New Car Smell

    That envious "new car" smell, the unique scent that makes all of your friends jealous as they check out your new ride, is actually quite toxic. The potent brew of freshly released bromine, chlorine, lead, and other heavy metals are responsible for a variety of acute and long-term health concerns ...

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    Kia engineers specific smells just for Europeans

    While some people love "that new car smell", others are more worried about the health dangers of breathing in the noxious VOCs. Oddly enough, not all noses are created equally. It seems that, like their cars, European sniffers are tuned a bit differently than the schnozes in Korea. Accordingly, ...


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