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    Volvo to trim 30-percent of U.S. dealers by the end of next year

    Volvo hasn't been doing too hot lately, posting a $1.73 billion loss over the past five years as it flails to find its niche. Sales of almost every Volvo product have declined in 2007, with the S60 falling by 28.1 percent, the XC90 dropping 5.6 percent and the V70 station wagon losing 7.7 percent. ...

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    Coming to America: Lamborghini to establish field office in US

    It's a long way to travel between Italy and America. Not only is it how far Lamborghini road cars have to travel to meet their new owners here in the US, but it's also the divide American dealerships have had to bridge in order to provide the level of service that customers expect when dropping six ...

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    iDrive via IP? - BMW uses Internet Protocol underhood

    There's a variety of flavors of in-car networking standards that corral the large number of embedded computers and nodes present in the modern automobile. BMW Research and Technology, an R&D division of BMW, has found Internet Protocol up to the tasks that the other standards currently perform. ...

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    Autoblog Podcast #72

    We tried hard to get a podcast going last week, but it just wasn't good enough. This week, the internet gods smiled on us with solid connections that cleared the way for our incisor-sharp banter. Kicking off #72, we discuss the dual surprise from Ford and GM - profit! The US operations showed ...

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    The Rolls Royce of marketing strategies

    Most carmakers produce automobiles for a wide variety of customers and adjust their marketing strategies accordingly. While a Viper may be used to promote the brand, Dodge isn't trying to sell one to the same customer considering a Caliber, for instance. A handful, meanwhile, only market to the ...

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    Fox Sports & SPEED TV team up on F1 broadcasting

    Broadcasting motor racing in America is a big business. Unfortunately for F1, which enjoys the biggest audiences overseas, they're not the only game in town in the good ol' US of A. NASCAR, drag racing, Indy cars and a myriad other motorsports draw racing fans while F1 coverage has been spotty. ...

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    Car-to-car communication of the future

    We've all seen a friend driving in the next lane and wanted to just shoot the breeze. We can do that with our cellphones, a sometimes clunky solution and often not entirely wise. Norweigan Designer Lieke Ypma has an idea that aims to streamline the communication process and make it safer, Carhood. ...

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    I want my MTTV

    Motor Trend will be launching a 24-hour broadcast TV network sometime in 2007 that will be available via multicast broadcasts. The network will be available in local markets where broadcasters find themselves with excess bandwidth during the transition from analog to all-digital broadcasts. ...


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