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1EVs popping up where you might not expect

Mongolia, Seychelles, Nepal All Looking To Go Electric

"New York, London, Paris, Munich," went the 1979 pro-techno hit Pop Muzik. Today, however, the adoption of electric vehicles is going far beyond those major metropolises, all of which have seen a healthy dose of plug-ins. And we think that's a good thing.

AddVIDEO: Nepal sees an influx of electric rickshaws

The term "rickshaw" covers a wide variety of vehicles around the world but in Nepal it usually refers to the three-wheeler you see pictured above. They used to create clouds of pollution in the capitol, Kathmandu, but the Vikram Tempo rickshaw, the fossil fuel burning version of this conveyance, has been outlawed since 1999. Since then, electric versions, or Safa Tempo, have been steadily increasing in numbers. Now, according to one retailer, Shree Eco Visionary (SEV), there are at least 650 EVs

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