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What's a euro worth these days, about a buck and a quarter? Go dig around in your couch cushions then and you'll probably find enough to have bought your very own assembly plant. That's right, according to Reuters, Mitsubishi just "sold" its Dutch assembly plant to bus-maker VDL Group for a nominal €1.


The problems for Mitsubishi and its Dutch factory, NedCar, began with that common bogeyman, the Smart ForFour. At the end of ForFour production, there was no vehicle in the pipeline for Mitsubishi or then-partner DaimlerChrysler that could be built in the Dutch factory and put its 180,000 cars-per-year capacity to use. Now that the European economy is teetering on the edge of implosion, Mitsubishi is pulling its Colt and Outlander models from Born and putting the plant up for sale. The latest pr

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