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    Video: Carhenge monument becomes property of Alliance, NE

    Officials in Alliance, NE have recently voted to accept a pretty special gift. Previously offered for sale with a price tag of $300,000, the batty "Carhenge" landmark has been given to the town that it neighbors, hopefully ensuring its continued status as a going attraction for years to ...

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    Study: Have swallows evolved shorter wingspans to avoid cars?

    A new study by biologists at the University of Tulsa and the University of Nebraska at Lincoln presents evidence to suggest that cliff swallows in southwestern Nebraska may be suffering fewer incidence of collision with cars, thanks to shorter wings. According to Current Biology, researchers ...

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    Video: Proposed Nebraska law would let motorcyclists run red lights [w/poll]

    Nebraska state Senator Paul Schumacher has proposed a bill that would allow motorcyclists to drive through red traffic lights, if the riders have already waited at least two minutes for the light to change. This situation happens more than non-cyclists may realize, say advocates of the proposed ...

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    Report: Nebraska's Carhenge on sale for $300,000

    Nebraska's Carhenge, an art installation built in 1987 by Jim Reinders, is up for sale. A 38-car tribute to the druid monument in England, Reinders built the automotive megalith on a farm once owned by his father on the outskirts of Alliance, Nebraska. Not to be confused with the Cadillac Ranch ...


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