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    Video: Watch GM's new pickup crash its way to five-star NHTSA ratings

    General Motors has just scored a big win with its Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra pickup trucks, acing the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration New Car Assessment Program. The two full-size trucks had already netted a five-star Overall Vehicle Score in their crew-cab variants, but ...

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    Official: VW Jetta TDI Value Edition drops price of diesel ownership to $21,295*

    Getting a new diesel-powered car just got a bit easier. Volkswagen has announced a new Jetta TDI Value Edition for 2014 that trims over $2,000 off the starting price of a Jetta TDI, making the most affordable diesel-powered car in America even more so. Prices start at $21,295 (*plus $820 for ...

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    Report: 2013 Ford Focus rings up five stars in NHTSA crash test

    The 2013 Ford Focus in ST trim recently beat the Volkswagen GTI in our head-to-head comparison, and now the Focus has another feather in its cap: earning a five-star Overall Vehicle Score from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's New Car Assessment Program, something it failed to ...

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    Official: Euro NCAP will soon require auto-braking for five-star safety rating [w/video]

    From the 2014 model year, any manufacturer hoping to score five stars on the Euro NCAP safety ratings will need to make sure the vehicle in question is equipped with AEB, or Autonomous Emergency Braking. Among other features provided by systems like Pre-Safe from Mercedes-Benz and Collision ...

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    Official: Cadillac CTS and SRX net top NHTSA safety scores [w/video]

    Cadillac has earned itself a gaggle of five-star ratings from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's New Car Assessment Program for the 2012 CTS sedan and wagon and SRX crossover. The CTS earned four stars for the rollover test, but five stars in the frontal and side tests, giving ...

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    Video: New Ford Ranger becomes first pickup to earn Five-Star Euro NCAP rating

    Add another reason to lament the fact that the all-new Ford Ranger will not be sold in the United States: It's safe. Ford says that en route to earning the maximum five-star Euro NCAP rating, the 2012 Ranger earned the best score ever awarded to a pickup truck and the best Euro NCAP rating of ...

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    Report: China announces new, more stringent crash standards

    There are innumerable design and engineering hurdles to clear if you're an automaker intent on selling your wares worldwide, but few are more core to the business than safety. China knows this all too well. For years now, we've been hearing how the nation was planning to go global with its ...

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    Official: Nissan Leaf earns five-star rating in Euro NCAP crash tests [w/video]

    The five-door mid-size electric Nissan Leaf has become the first plug-in vehicle to receive five stars from the European New Car Assessment Program. Euro NCAP tests vehicles in frontal impact, side impact, side pole impact and the potential for whiplash. The Leaf's lithium-ion battery pack, ...

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    Honda Civic only nets two stars on revamped NHTSA side impact test

    The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is slowly unveiling the results of the freshly updated five-star New Car Assessment Program, and not all 2011 models are faring so well. USA Today reports that the 2011 Honda Civic is the latest such victim after the popular compact sedan ...

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    Think recalling 850 City EVs over braking issue in "extremely" wet conditions

    Even though U.S. production of the Think City started off well the other day, all is not fine in Think land. The company is recalling 850 City cars throughout Europe because the brakes on the electric car can weaken under "extremely humid conditions." A Think representative told AutoblogGreen, ...

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    NHTSA releases second batch of crash test ratings under new system

    For the 2011 model year, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has implemented tougher crash testing procedures that make it more difficult for vehicles to receive a five-star rating. The new test is known as the NCAP, or New Car Assessment Program, and the first batch of cars were ...

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    REPORT: Tata Nano passes European crash testing

    2009 Tato Nano - Click above for high-res image gallery
    The Tata Nano, the diminutive Indian four-door econobox rumored to eventually arrive in U.S. showrooms, has reportedly passed current European impact testing. According to Autocar, the offset front and side impact tests took place at the ...

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    REPORT: NHTSA to mandate lane departure warning and auto-brake systems?

    Is the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration about to add some more safety measures to your next new car? According to The Detroit News, they might be. The Motown daily says that government officials are pondering whether or not they should require new vehicles to be fitted with ...

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    VIDEO: Kia Soul aces Euro NCAP crash tests

    Click above to watch the Kia Soul's Euro NCAP crash tests
    There is no rating yet for the Kia Soul in the U.S., but in Europe the car did the business: the Soul scored five stars on the NCAP frontal offset, side impact and pole crash tests, doing no worse than "marginal" in just two areas. In the ...

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    Ford Mustang Convertible aces NHTSA crash tests

    When it comes to vehicle crash safety, the general consensus is that having a roof over your head leads to a better outcome. Ford has just proven that this isn't always the case with its 2008 Ford Mustang convertible, which has become the first and only convertible of any type to be given a ...

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    NHTSA head says crash standards should be higher

    Nicole Nason, head of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), maintains that the crash standards that have been on the books since 1973 are due for a revision. Recognizing the 9 out of 10 vehicles routinely score either four- or five-stars on the administration's tests, she's ...

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    Although the badge shows six, 2008 Forester gets top five-star rating

    click above image for galleryA little background before we get to the news: Subaru is the name of a cluster of some 250 bluish stars in the Taurus constellation. Only six of its stars are visible to the naked eye. Here in the West, the cluster is better-known as Pleiades, but in Japan, it's ...

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    What do 5-star ratings really mean?

    When manufacturers get a 5-star crash rating for one of their models, the klieg lights and publicity klaxon get thorough workouts. Those tiny ten-sided polygons have gotten to mean so much to consumers that it's not unusual for a carmaker to drop a few hundred large on prime time commercial space ...

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    Ford exec calls out Australian crash testing procedures after Courier gets poor marks

    Ford of Australia president Tom Gorman is calling upon the Australian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP) to work on its credibility. The Aussie program conducts crash testing programs (not unlike America's National Highway Traffic Safety Administration), and has recently drawn fire for the ...

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    Jaguar XK outside favorite, wins top safety award

    Plowing into pedestrians is best avoided altogether, but if there's no way around it them, ambulatory targets will appreciate it those thoughtful enough to be driving a new Jaguar XK. That's the word, as the World Traffic Safety Symposium (WTSS) has just granted Jaguar's revitalized coupe ...


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