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    What's old is new: Knight Rider returning to TV

    The original Knight Rider only lasted four seasons, but after seeing the monumental success of Transformers, executives at NBC think a new KITT would make a big splash on the small screen. Veteran producer/director (and David Hasselhoff sorta-lookalike) Doug Liman, has already been tapped to ...

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    Video: 'Bugatti' badly bungled by blatantly bird-brained broadcaster

    Alright, so "Bugatti Veyron" doesn't exactly roll off the tongue for those not automotively inclined, but c'mon... "Beuagatty Vuyrohn?" In addition to being laughably old news, journalist Gina Redmond goes one better by butchering the supercar's model and manufacturer name in ...

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    NBC's Dateline trolling for racism and religious intolerance in NASCAR?

    NBC's Dateline has been looking to compile an episode on anti-Muslim attitudes here in the United States, and to kick things off, the news program decided to take "Muslim-looking men" and a camera crew into the Martinsville NASCAR event. We're not quite sure what ...


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