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    VIDEO: Adam Corolla mans the pumps on The Man Show

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    Some of you were surprised that when the producers of Top Gear started shooting a version of the popular British car series for NBC, they chose Adam Corolla as lead host instead of a myriad number of other qualified automotive journalists from among the Autoblog staff. ...

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    NBC to air Top Gear USA episodes online

    Here at Autoblog, we make no effort to hide our enthusiasm for the hit BBC series Top Gear. But while our compatriots over in the British Isles get to watch the show on their public television stations, American viewers (comprised mostly of Autoblog readers, of course) have had to make do with the ...

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    Top Gear USA free to criticize cars at will

    When I was a kid there was this terrible car show on television that was sponsored by a certain automaker that shall remain nameless. Every week – that is, every week I could bear to watch it, at least – the hosts would review a car from that company, and guess what? They always liked ...

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    More info on NBC's plans for Top Gear USA

    We reported yesterday that both NBC's Fall 2008 and Summer 2009 lineups will not include the U.S. version of Top Gear, but that doesn't mean the peacock network isn't keeping the show as a feather in its multicolor plume. There's a section on NBC's website for primetime shows being developed for ...

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    NBC passes on U.S. Top Gear for now

    NBC's dubious attempt to duplicate the unique cachet of Top Gear with a Stateside spinoff has apparently come to a screeching halt. They couldn't even get it together on a cast, so the news doesn't come entirely as a surprise. The newly announced fall lineup doesn't save a seat for "Gear," though ...

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    NBC working on Top Gear remake for the States

    Bionic Woman. Knight Rider. And now....Top Gear? NBC, America's remake network, has ordered a pilot of an Americanized Top Gear. Expect to see all the usual Top Gear conventions, including three presenters; a masked Stig-like driver; a private test track; taping in a hangar before a live audience; ...


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