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navigation systems

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    Vehicle downloads for Garmin Nuvi (sorta) make us want one

    With an increasing number of new cell phones offering free, integrated turn-by-turn navigation, the days of the standalone navigation device must surely be numbered. Of course, those dedicated navigators still offer some features you can't (yet) get elsewhere, such as the Darth Vader or Dennis ...

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    Review: Google Maps turn-by-turn navigation on Android 2.0

    Google maps turn by turn navigation – Click above for high-res image gallery
    It's no secret that we've been openly critical of the prices charged by automakers for built-in GPS navigation systems. Frankly, paying $2,000 or more for an in-dash system when you can buy stand-alone navigation ...

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    New Nissan driver-assist tech helps the James May in you find his inner Stig

    For the last century, automotive engineers have worked diligently to send Charles Darwin's concept of natural selection into obsolescence. It appears that we're inching closer to the time when any fool with a pulse may be able to climb behind the wheel of car and traverse a series of curves ...

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    Can GPS units makes you more fuel efficient? Navteq seems to think so...

    A recent survey conducted by research firm NuStats and funded by GPS-maker NAVTEQ found that drivers equipped with in-car navigation units use 12% less fuel than their non-guided counterparts. The study focused on three groups of drivers in Germany. The first used no GPS at all, the second had a ...

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    Don't tell ME how to drive! - Next-gen Ford navigation system could have "emotions"

    In the near future, Ford vehicles may fire back a retort if you get cheesed off enough to yell at the car. According to the details of a patent filing, Ford is working on an Emotive Advisory System (EAS) that simulates emotions when interacting with occupants, and may also use an avatar to express ...

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    How about a smaller nav screen? Magna develops in-mirror display

    While Ford's giving the Fusion an LCD large enough to watch feature films, Magna has joined up with Swiss firm u-blox and Germany's Paragon to develop a navigation system that puts the map display in your rearview mirror. The system is called MirrorPilot, and it does look like a slick way to add ...

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    Honda system warns motorists of crime hotspots, steers clear of Detroit

    Honda's launching the next step in navigation system evolution that will automatically warn drivers to be on guard when traveling through areas of high crime. The system is launching in Japan on Tuesday, but we haven't heard of any plans to bring it to the United States. It's probably for the best, ...

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    Smart, but flawed: Steering wheel navigation screen

    The latest gizmo from Japan's Takata will tell you where to go, but not like those verbally abusive digital keychains from the '90s. The Takata CSW steering wheel is designed to interface with sensors in your vehicle and display different messages on an LCD screen in the 12 o'clock position. There ...

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    Better late than never: Hyundai's new nav systems finally arrive

    Hyundai has quickly developed a full range of products in its US lineup, and quality scores from companies like JD Power show those vehicles now rank among the best in the industry. For all of Hyundai's progress the past few years, the South Korean automaker has taken its time getting navigation ...

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    "At the next boulder, turn right off cliff"

    Technology is wonderful. Technology is also made or, in this case, programmed by people.Drivers using GPS navigation in the English village of Crackpot (killer name for a town, BTW) are often being guided by such devices to the top of a 30-metre (over 98 feet) cliff. The directional glitch forces ...


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