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    New Nissan driver-assist tech helps the James May in you find his inner Stig

    For the last century, automotive engineers have worked diligently to send Charles Darwin's concept of natural selection into obsolescence. It appears that we're inching closer to the time when any fool with a pulse may be able to climb behind the wheel of car and traverse a series of curves ...

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    Can GPS units makes you more fuel efficient? Navteq seems to think so...

    A recent survey conducted by research firm NuStats and funded by GPS-maker NAVTEQ found that drivers equipped with in-car navigation units use 12% less fuel than their non-guided counterparts. The study focused on three groups of drivers in Germany. The first used no GPS at all, the second had a ...

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    Apple reportedly files patent for safer touch screen nav system

    Navigation systems have become ubiquitous in vehicles ranging from $100,000 luxury cars to $16,000 compacts. The auto industry has been grappling with the best way to safely navigation, with some companies going to touchscreen units, while others opting for a joystick solution like BMW's iDrive. ...

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    Don't tell ME how to drive! - Next-gen Ford navigation system could have "emotions"

    In the near future, Ford vehicles may fire back a retort if you get cheesed off enough to yell at the car. According to the details of a patent filing, Ford is working on an Emotive Advisory System (EAS) that simulates emotions when interacting with occupants, and may also use an avatar to express ...

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    NaviGONE: Portable GPS system theft reportedly up 700%

    More and more people are adding electronic gadgetry to their car's arsenal after their initial purchase, which often makes sense since it almost always costs less to add audio equipment or GPS navigation from an aftermarket company than it does to spec if from the factory. Sadly, recent statistics ...

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    2008 Autoblog Holiday Sweepstakes - Day 6: TomTom XL330ĚS

    Click above to view TomTom's full line of portable navigation systems
    We suspect that one of the most popular gift this holiday season will be portable navigation systems. Their prices are plummeting and every day new features are being added to these magical maps-in-a-box. TomTom is arguably one ...

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    VIDEO: Mercedes-Benz myCOMAND concept brings internet safely into cars

    Mercedes Benz myCOMAND interface German automakers have gotten plenty of flack for their less than intuitive Navigation/Infotainment systems, but Mercedes Benz is working hard to change that with its myCOMAND concept. The myCOMAND system uses high-speed wireless Internet with upload and download ...

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    BMW ditching navigation DVDs for 2009

    BMW's MY 2009 cars will get a new iDrive system with a 40GB hard drive. According to Bimmerfile, the drive allotment will have 12GB dedicated to navigational maps (and 8GB for entertainment and 10GB for your address book, because you've got more friends than music, apparently). With nav maps placed ...

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    Teddy bear nav system points way home

    Most of us don't like to be yelled at while driving, but a company called IXs Rearch is betting that there must be some people out there who want a suitable replacement for the nagging spouse when they're in the car alone. The tech company has developed a high-tech teddy bear that can do everything ...

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    How about a smaller nav screen? Magna develops in-mirror display

    While Ford's giving the Fusion an LCD large enough to watch feature films, Magna has joined up with Swiss firm u-blox and Germany's Paragon to develop a navigation system that puts the map display in your rearview mirror. The system is called MirrorPilot, and it does look like a slick way to add ...

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    Drivers may surf .car websites while driving

    We already know that in-car web browsing is on its way. Both BMW and Chrysler have already revealed that the feature is forthcoming in their vehicles, and more automakers are sure to follow. But telematics provider ATX Group is sticking its nose in to ensure that the web we're one day browsing in ...

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    Honda system warns motorists of crime hotspots, steers clear of Detroit

    Honda's launching the next step in navigation system evolution that will automatically warn drivers to be on guard when traveling through areas of high crime. The system is launching in Japan on Tuesday, but we haven't heard of any plans to bring it to the United States. It's probably for the best, ...

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    Driver puts faith in GPS, shears off top of charter bus on bridge

    As of today, we're taking bets to see how long it will take before people realize that "GPS" does not stand for "Auto Pilot." The latest "But the GPS told me to..." story is brought to you by a charter bus driver in Seattle. Piloting a coach through the Washington Arboretum -- as the GPS instructed ...

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    Smart, but flawed: Steering wheel navigation screen

    The latest gizmo from Japan's Takata will tell you where to go, but not like those verbally abusive digital keychains from the '90s. The Takata CSW steering wheel is designed to interface with sensors in your vehicle and display different messages on an LCD screen in the 12 o'clock position. There ...

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    I'm sorry, Dave - more autonomy in the name of safety?

    "Open the pod bay doors, HAL." "I'm sorry, Dave, I can't do that." That type of belligerence might be coming to your car under the guise of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems. Many cars can already be had with the necessary hardware like GPS navigation systems that help a vehicle determine its ...

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    Infiniti G35's sat-nav ranks top among users

    J.D. Power and Associates has polled owners of factory-nav equipped vehicles, and Infiniti's zippy-performing setup gets the nod for top honors from end users. Part of the win might be chalked up to the hard drive that the Infiniti system comes with, making it more responsive than a DVD based ...

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    In-dash nav systems do damage to resale value

    How's this - you pay a nearly ten percent premium to get a factory navigation system in your new whatever, and when it's replacement time, that very same nav system will cost you again, whacking 1% off the car's resale price. It makes perfect sense if you try to use some of the integrated nav ...

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    BMW and Google Maps marry dash and desktop

    var digg_url = ''; GPS navigation systems continue to be a popular option for car buyers. Some of the most frequent complaints with electronic navigation, however, are that the maps themselves aren't updated frequently ...

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    Pay no attention to the voice of God in your car

    OK, we know how useful you're finding your sat/nav system, but please ignore it. That seems to be the message being sent to motorists passing through the village of Exton in Hampshire. Seems the navi tells drivers to take a road that is just 6 feet wide. Not a problem for most, but for drivers of ...

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    Nav system in Zephyr rated best in the biz

    Having reviewed many vehicles in my day, I can tell you unequivocally that not all satellite navigation systems are created equal. Just checking the sat nav box on the options sheet doesn't guarantee you'll be getting a system that's easy to use and will get you where you want to go. Those who know ...


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