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As fuel prices show no signs of subsiding any time soon, calls are starting to increase for reviving the once dreaded national speed limit. As in the 1970s when the 55mph speed limit was originally implemented, the premise is to reduce fuel consumption. Sen. John Warner (R-VA) has sent a request to Energy Secretary Samuel Bodman to determine what the best speed would be for optimum fuel efficiency with current vehicles. No new speed limit legislation has been introduced yet in Congress but this

With fuel prices now hitting $4.50/gallon in California and even topping $5 in Hawaii, it may be time to ask the question, Can you drive 55? The original national speed limit came about in 1974 following the first Arab oil embargo and stayed in force for 19 years before it was finally repealed. While the premise of the 55mph speed limit was a perfectly valid one, the effectiveness of the rule was debatable. There is certainly no doubt that driving at a lower speed would consume less energy. The

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