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    Followup: Infiniti QX-powered boat continues construction

    Over the summer, we posted on a project being undertaken by students at the Tennessee Technical Center-Nashville and Nashville State Community College: prepare a 400-horsepower, 5.6-liter V8 from an Infiniti QX56 for seafaring duty in a 20-foot Chris-Craft. The engine's transformation is nearly ...

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    Official: Nissan, Chrysler announce partnerships with NHL hockey teams

    It's getting colder. The sun is setting earlier. You know what that means, folks – that's right, it's hockey season. And just as fans are gearing up for fast-pace action at arenas across the United States and Canada, so are automakers as two such companies have announced deals with National ...

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    Video: Pastor's invocation at NASCAR race has 'em rollin' in the aisles

    Make no mistake about it, ladies and gents: The South is NASCAR country. It just also happens to run clean through the Bible Belt. And if we had a nickel for every time we saw racin' and Jesus crossing paths, well... we'd have ourselves a whole bunch of nickels! NASCAR races often start with a ...

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    Video: Kids arrested for using SUV to waterski on Tennessee floodwaters

    Click above to watch the video after the jump
    The flooding in Tennessee has been nothing short of catastrophic, with 19 deaths and billions of dollars in damage. And Tennessee residents don't only have a monumental clean-up on their hands. There are plenty of closed roads, stores and schools ...

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    Nissan breaks ground in Tennessee

    Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn picked a busy time to move his company to suburban Nashville, what with a huge new lineup of vehicles, quality problems that need mending and 57-percent of his workforce sticking around California and all. But as Ghosn mentioned, there's really never a good time ...

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    Miami declared tops in rude driving

    Perhaps its the fact that there are thousands of doddering septuagenarians plying area roads, but Miami, Florida has just been dubbed America's least courteous drivers. Or to put a finer point on it, they've got some road rage and rude driving issues. A new AutoVantage survey of 2,000 adult ...


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