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    Report: NASA will study sudden unintended acceleration problem

    Who do you call when automobiles are rocketing (intentional pun) out of control? As it turns out, the answer is the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, aka NASA. The Los Angeles Times is reporting that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has enlisted the help of NASA to ...

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    Free Spirit: NASA's stuck rover marks 2,000 days on Mars

    Quick -- what's got six wheels, lives on Mars and has been stuck in a sand trap named Troy since May 1 of this year? If you answered, "NASA's Spirit Rover," pat yourself on the back. Spirit, along with its twin rover Opportunity, was only supposed to provide three months of Martian exploration. ...

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    Andrew J. Feustel: Astronaut, Hubble mechanic, car guy

    Sometime today, astronauts aboard the space shuttle Atlantis are scheduled to begin fitting the Hubble telescope with three new gyroscopes. But why does Autoblog care? Well, apart from the fact that the whole mission is super cool, one of the galactic grease monkeys wielding a wrench today will be ...

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    BMW working on regenerative exhaust system... with NASA?

    Baby steps. That's how BMW expects to improve the efficiency of its vehicles – not by revolutionizing the automobile or replacing the internal-combustion engine, but by improving it. The Bavarian automaker's Efficient Dynamics program includes a roster of fuel-saving technologies like ...

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    New NASA Lunar Rover looks ready for Armageddon

    Click above for high-res image gallery of the NASA Lunar Rover concept
    NASA paraded its Small Pressurized Rover Concept down the streets of the presidential inauguration last week, and it looks like they're fans of Michael Bay. The lunar rover, which is a rear canopy and a couple of struts away ...

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    Original lunar rover tire helps with next gen development

    Click above for image gallery of lunar rovers in action.
    About the time Ford was developing the first Mustang, General Motors' Defense Research Labs was working on something more other-worldly. Man was about to go to the moon, and they needed some transportation when they got there. GM was chosen ...

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    Off-world off-roading: NASA tests new lunar rover

    Click above for a gallery of the Small Pressurized Rover
    This week in Arizona, NASA conducted tests of the new battery-powered Small Pressurized Rover (SPR) it hopes to use when the U.S. sends astronauts back to the moon by 2020. The SPR is a huge leap forward over the original open-air (or is it ...

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    Out of This World: Goodyear and NASA collaborate on airless tire

    click above image for more views of the NASA Chariot rover Any good article about space exploration starts with "when I was a kid...". So, when I was a kid, my older brother was working on his college thesis. He cooperated with NASA on designing various devices for use in space, the basic premise ...

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    2007 Russo & Steele, Scottsdale: 1967 Gus Grissom Corvette goes for $275,000

    Click on the image for a high-res gallery of photos of these cars1967 Chevrolet Grissom Corvette 427 - #6645This little red Corvette has quite a pedigree. Although it was originally Lynndale blue, the Rally Red paint was applied 25 years ago. It has just 31,499 documented original miles, a ...

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    VIDEO: Audi A6 ad by Knucklehead's Johnny Green

    Johnny Green, a director with UK's Knucklehead Films, has made this 90-second commercial for the Audi A6. The result is something truly out of this world, showing a mysterious object falling from the sky over the American mid-west and plunging into the deep blue ocean. The mind-boggling numbers ...

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    Ford Focus gains NASA Spec class

    Sure, the Ford Focus is getting a bit long in the tooth and we're all impatiently awaiting the arrival of the next generation car, but that shouldn't overshadow the successes of the current model. From day one, the current Focus has been lauded as a fun to drive small car. From the base model all ...

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    NASA gives Delphi grant to develop new welding process

    I figured we'd try something new, and discuss Delphi news that doesn't involve bankruptcy or worker compensation. The company has developed a process called Deformation Resistance Welding, and apparently NASA has some interest in the technology, as it's just anted up another $870,000 to go with the ...


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