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    Report: Nardelli "laments all the time" that Cerberus lost Chrysler

    The Detroit News reports that former Chrysler CEO Bob Nardelli believes that the Obama Administration didn't need to hand the automaker to Fiat in order for the company to continue on. Instead, Nardelli says that a private equity firm could have easily taken the reins and steered the company back ...

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    Ex-Chrysler head Bob Nardelli to chair Dunder Mifflin Ohio paper company

    We haven't heard much from Bob Nardelli since he and his Cerberus buddies rode off into the sunset last year in the wake of the Chrysler bankruptcy. Having proved pretty conclusively that he and his team were incapable of running a large automotive enterprise, Nardelli has apparently managed to ...

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    Congressional letter alleges Nardelli and Chrysler failed to disclose more lucrative offer for Viper

    In a letter from California Congressman Darrell Issa to Chrysler's Bob Nardelli, the Auburn Hills executive is charged with failing to disclose information regarding the sale of the Dodge Viper line. According to the letter obtained by Autoblog from a source close to the situation, the Republican ...

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    BREAKING: Marchionne confirmed as post-bankruptcy Chrysler CEO

    After weeks of speculation, Fiat confirmed today that its CEO, Sergio Marchionne, will assume the same role with Chrysler once it exits bankruptcy. According to statements from the Obama administration, Chrysler could emerge from "surgical bankruptcy" in as little as 30 to 60 days, after which ...

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    REPORT: Fiat's Marchionne could replace Nardelli as Chrysler CEO in management shake-up royale

    If you were surprised by the "resignation" of GM chief Rick Wagoner late last month, get used to the idea. Chrysler reportedly has some major management changes in store as well, including a new seven-member executive board including representatives from Fiat and the Obama administration's ...

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    That was fast: Chrysler and Fiat agree on partnership framework of a global alliance

    Not long after the President concluded his televised press conference today, Chrysler released a statement saying that it and Fiat have already reached an "agreement on a framework of a global alliance". The President announced that the U.S. government would supply Chrysler with sufficient capital ...

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    BREAKING: Bush greenlights $17.4 billion Auto Rescue/Bailout package

    President George W. Bush will doubtlessly be remembered for many things things, but his parting legacy may yet be his eleventh-hour pledge of $17.4 billion in low-interest loans to General Motors and Chrysler (Ford Motor Company has said it does not require relief at this time).The funding will ...

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    Nardelli: New fuel efficient model might be out next year

    Click above for high-res gallery of the Dodge Hornet conceptBesides the introduction of the Dodge Challenger, there has been very little good news coming out of Chrysler lately. Sales are down 22% for the year due to a lineup that's still heavy on trucks and SUVs, but there may be some help on the ...

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    Chrysler cutting 1,000 white collar workers

    Chrysler is losing money by the truck-load, and its vehicles aren't selling, so common sense dictates that team Pentastar was going to start making cuts soon. That time is now, when Chrysler notified workers that it would be cutting 1,000 white collar workers. Chrysler spokesman David Elshoff told ...

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    Nardelli returns to work after back injury

    Chrysler LLC chief Bob Nardelli is back to work after being laid up with a bad back the past couple of weeks, and here we didn't even know he was hurt. Some bloggers we are. Nardelli's injury didn't require surgery, and the Chrysler CEO worked from home while getting the rest needed to tend to ...

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    Chrysler turns museum into non-profit, asks dealers for donations

    Chrysler's over-sized dealer-body has been struggling with the Pentastar's shrinking market share, but that's not stopping Chrysler brass from asking them for donations for the newly non-profit Walter P. Chrysler museum. Dealers are being asked to contribute $5,000 apiece to help keep the museum up ...

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    Chrysler execs doing house calls

    If you have a Dodge Ram in the driveway and someone claiming to be Jim Press calls you asking if you're satisfied with your truck, it just might be him. Chrysler recognizes that it has a customer service problem, and the Pentastar is going to extraordinary lengths to correct it. Its top 300 ...

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    New York 2008: Nardelli promises aspirational vehicles from Chrysler

    We are just back from the kickoff keynote speech for the 2008 New York Auto Show and have to wonder where in the Big Apple we can score some of what Bob Nardelli is smoking. While his words sounded somewhat encouraging, they were about three months old for the most part and didn't sound terribly ...

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    Cerberus gives reasons why Chrysler could flop

    Cerberus Capital Management shot off a nine-page letter to investors outlining ways that Chrysler could sink, while also pointing out that they believe Chrysler's on the track for success. Some of the possible failure scenarios include a nasty recession, an extreme slowdown in the car market, or a ...

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    Chrysler says it will meet new CAFE standards

    Detroit's sharp intake of breath over the very real possibility of increased federal fuel economy standards apparently doesn't include Chrysler's voice. CEO Robert Nardelli has told The Car Connection that rather than waste lots of time and energy opposing the likely increase to a 35 mpg fleet ...

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    VIDEO: The Nardelli era begins with more questions than answers

    Chrysler has been through more changes in the past six months than any automaker in recent memory, and the announcement of former Home Depot CEO Bob Nardelli as Chrysler's head honcho is just another sign that the auto business in Detroit is rapidly changing. Nardelli was booted unceremoniously at ...


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