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    Official: Mercedes renames utility vehicles, repositions Maybach as sub-brand
    Model Series, Drive Systems Get Revised Naming Throughout Lineup 1415705400

    Beginning in 2015, Mercedes-Benz is revising its nomenclature strategy for many of its models. This isn't shocking news, nor is it anything new in the industry – look at the recent Q-ification of Infiniti, or the forthcoming CT/XT strategy being deployed at Cadillac. But unlike those ...

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    ETC: Toyota explains what names like Camry and Yaris mean

    Ever wonder where automakers get the names for their cars? You're not alone. The sitcom Seinfeld opened Episode 94 – the one where George Costanza buys a Chrysler LeBaron instead of a Volvo – with a bit about nameplates like Integra, Supra and Impreza. Toyota, clearly, is not exempt ...

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    Official: Kia names new RWD flagship sedan Quoris

    What do we even say about a name like Quoris? (Well, other than "What the heck?") With Kia calling its new flagship, rear-drive sedan the K9 in the Korean domestic market and the Quoris in the rest of the world, we think this promising car has the dubious distinction of having not one, but two of ...

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    Poll: Is Dodge smart for dusting off the Dart name? [w/poll]

    Chrysler left a few fans scratching their heads when the company chose to call its new compact car the Dart. Previous rumors had hinted to the possibility of the resurrection of the Hornet name, but the sporty moniker was nowhere to be found when Dodge showed off a few teaser photos of the Alfa ...

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    Report: Land Rover dumping alphanumeric names

    According to a new report, Land Rover will soon adopt a global naming structure that allows the company's products to carry the same nomenclature around the world. Currently, Land Rover sells the LR4 and LR2 here in the United States, but overseas, these vehicles are better known as the Discovery ...

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    Report: Kia may lose names, use numbers for future models

    Would a Kia Forte by any other name smell as sweet, if the name were K3 and those judging the smell were American buyers? That's the question Kia executive are mulling as they decide whether to switch to alphanumeric model designations in the U.S. Some of the company's cars that go by names in ...

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    Report: Chrysler Sebring name to live on, at least until all-new model arrives

    Despite the fact it adorns one of the most derided cars on the U.S. market today, the Sebring badge will apparently survive for at least another couple of years. Recent reports had indicated that Chrysler wanted to make a clean break with its refreshed mid-sized sedan later this year by applying ...

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    Newlywed couple changes last names to Ford to celebrate... well, Fords

    When Jaime Case and Chris Hodges decided to get married, Jaime didn't want the regular run-up filled with fights, dresses, cakes, consultants and huge expenses. So she dreamed up a Wedding Road Trip, the theme of which was "Two people, two months, two hundred friends, one bad economy, one ring, ...

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    How car names are concocted

    Did you ever wonder how the Aztek received its name (okay, maybe not)? Well then, how about the Tiburon, Prelude, Aveo, or Allanté? What possessed Acura to drop "Legend" for "RL," or "Integra" for "RSX" (we're still dumbfounded on those). Why would anyone name a car The Thing? Whether it ...

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    Mulally suggests a return to "Have You Driven A Ford Lately?"

    Resurrecting the Taurus name isn't the only element from Ford's past that Alan Mulally thinks should make a comeback. Despite having one of their best lineups ever and winning accolades, customers have other makes further up on their list. Potential buyers who actually check out what Ford has to ...

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    Lincoln MKZ gets another name change

    Will a Lincoln by any other name sell as sweetly?The Zephyr/MKZ has racked up a good number of sales for Lincoln despite the brand's best efforts to confuse buyers over its name. Originally dubbed the Zephyr for its inaugural year of sales, Lincoln decided to quickly change the car's moniker to ...

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    POLL RESULTS: Name that Volkswagen

    The votes have been tallied in our Name the Volkswagen poll. Among the five names that Volkswagen has offered as possible monikers for its next small SUV, one stood out among the rest with 28-percent of the vote: Nanuk. Other names, such as Tiguan (a combination of the words "tiger" and "iguana" ...

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    Sorting out the automotive alphanumeric name-game

    Quick: Is an RX a Lexus, or a Mercedes-Benz? It's a Lexus. What about an XG?* And is the "M" an Acura, BMW, Lincoln, or Nissan? Well, that depends on whom you ask (as explained here, Acura squares off with Lincoln, and here, BMW suing Nissan). Kim Seung-hyun of the JoongAng Daily tries to ...


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