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    Report: Kia may lose names, use numbers for future models

    Would a Kia Forte by any other name smell as sweet, if the name were K3 and those judging the smell were American buyers? That's the question Kia executive are mulling as they decide whether to switch to alphanumeric model designations in the U.S. Some of the company's cars that go by names in ...

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    Did Lamborghini "blow" it with the Reventón?

    Click on the above photo for more hi-res pics of the Blown Tire Reventón var digg_url = ''; As many commenters have noted, the Spanish name of the million-euro Lambo, Reventón, is a bit of a ...

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    The Taurus reborrn! Ford may dump Five Hundred name

    Click on the image for a gallery of images of the Five Hundred/Taurus?Ameritech/SBC/AT&T/BellSouth spent the better part of a decade and hundreds of millions of dollars marketing the Cingular brand and dumping the AT&T Wireless name only to turn around and drop the new name and return to ...


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