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    Read This: Mazda Furai concept designer talks about his car's passing

    Last week, there was mourning at the Autoblog offices as word trickled in that the Mazda Furai concept – one of the coolest, best-looking showcars to grace an auto show stage since the wild and crazy 1960s –had been killed. It was killed on the track with the folks from Top Gear in ...

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    LA 2010: 2012 Mazda5 with updated styling now goes with the flow

    2012 Mazda5 at the LA Auto Show – Click above for high-res image gallery
    The upcoming 2012 Mazda5 just showed us its smiling face, and Mazda's flowing design language is visible everywhere on it. The mini people mover has gotten a displacement increase up from the old 2.3-liter and is now ...

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    Nagare no more? Mazda to change styling direction

    Mazda Furai Concept – Click above for high-res image gallery
    According to Auto Express, Mazda Europe's British design boss Peter Birtwhistle has confirmed that the Japanese automaker will take on a new styling direction. Perhaps the news shouldn't come as a shocker, considering that former ...

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    Mazda Kazamai concept unveiled ahead of Moscow debut

    Click image for a hi-res gallery of the KazamaiMazda has unveiled the first official images of the new Kazamai concept ahead of the car's official debut on August 26 at the Moscow International Auto Salon. In Japanese, "Kazamai" means "swirling crosswinds." In English, that means "Nagare-styled ...

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    2009 Mazda3 design to influence Mazda's entire lineup

    Click the image above for more high-res shots of the Ryuga concept.It's no surprise that Mazda's looking to radically revamp its entire product portfolio in the coming years, and the cohesive style set by the Nagare line of concepts will bring Mazda's design chief, Laurens van den Acker's vision to ...

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    Rendered Speculation: Mazda's Taiki-inspired RX-7 revival

    "We've just introduced a special edition of the RX-8" was the response from a Mazda rep when asked when we might get a new RX-7. Not the answer to the question, but we understand that it's all hush-hush when it comes to whatever might be in store on the 2-door, rear wheel drive, not-an-MX-5 tip. A ...

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    Tokyo Preview: Mazda's concept-inspired rotary coupe

    click above image for more picsWord from inside the pages of an unnamed Japanese auto mag is that this car will debut on the Mazda stand at this year's Tokyo Motor Show next month. The coupe is obviously inspired by the trio of concepts that Mazda debuted on the auto show circuit last year: the ...

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    Mazda considering CX-5, a Hakaze-inspired crossover

    Mazda made it clear at the beginning of this auto show season that each of the three concepts it debuted would be more production ready than the last. First there was the Nagare concept that debuted at the LA Auto Show, and then came the Ryuga concept that was shown at the Detroit Auto Show. The ...

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    More pics of the Mazda Hakaze concept

    click above image to view all the new Hakaze photosMazda has had a successful auto show season so far thanks to the warm reception of its first two concepts, the Nagare and Ryuga. Unveiled at the L.A. and Detroit auto shows respectively, those two concepts were admittedly as far from production ...

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    Detroit Auto Show: Live shots of the gorgeous Mazda Ryuga

    click on above image to view all the new high-resolution live shotsMazda's press conference isn't until tomorrow, but when we heard the Ryuga Concept was already spinning on a pedestal in the brand's booth, we grabbed our gear and ran down for an impromptu photo shoot. This car truly loves the ...

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    Detroit Auto Show: Mazda Ryuga Concept

    var digg_url = ''; The Ryuga (pronounced "ree-yoo-ga," Japanese for gracious flow) is Mazda's second concept in a series of three it plans to debut this auto show season. The first was the Nagare that debuted in L.A., ...

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    LA Auto Show: Mazda Nagare Concept wedges into the spotlight

    Last year Mazda prepared three concepts for the auto show circuit, the Sassou, Senku and Kabura. This year we'll see three more concepts from the Japanese automaker, the first of which is the Nagare Concept. Its name is Japense for "flow" and the Nagare's design is supposed to capture the "spirit ...

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    Mazda will unveil Nagare concept in L.A.

    click on image to enlargeThe official leakage ahead of the L.A. Auto Show has begun, and Mazda has oozed out an obscure artsy rendering of a concept it will debut called the Nagare (pronounced na-gah-reh). Unlike the last three concepts from Mazda, the Sassou, Senku and Kabura, the Nagare is said ...


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