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mystery supercar

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    Mystery supercar revealed! Meet the MCE MC1

    click above for more images of the MCE MC1Spy shots of a mystery car being tested in the UK last year caused quite a commotion. Many speculated its identity, with the upcoming return of the Lotus Esprit or a new Lotus sportscar being the odds on favorite. All of those guesses are incorrect, as the ...

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    Mystery supercar may be all-new Lotus codenamed "Project Eagle"

    var digg_url = ''; In today's episode of Fast Lane Daily (watch it after the jump), host Ji Young Min reveals that the mystery car spotted last week by CAR magazine is believed on good authority to be an all-new ...

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    Spy Shots: Mystery supercar spotted, what is it?

    CAR online has a mystery car on its hands. They've acquired spy shots of what appears to be a new supercar undergoing testing at a UK facility, but have no idea which supercar it is. Their first guess was the same as ours – the Lotus Esprit, though the actual car that comes won't be called by ...


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